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Welcome to the Pause Blog which features strategies for boosting energy, fueling enthusiasm, inspiring insight, rekindling spirit – and my reflections on life in general.

PAUSE – 16.31 – Are You Sure About That?

December 7, 2016

question-mark-wReflection: There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world these days. More than usual? It’s tough to say.

Some would argue that certainty is just an illusion anyway – that uncertainty is our normal state.

Still, I’m pretty certain that I’m writing this, you’re reading this, and the sun will rise tomorrow. Not everything, though, is quite so clear.

There are those whose health has taken a turn for the worse. They’re waiting for tests, a diagnosis, treatment, or recovery.

There are those whose relationships are in trouble, with teenagers challenging boundaries or partners growing apart.

There is uncertainty at work. More than one sector has taken a recent turn for the worse. Layoffs are common and restructuring is afoot.

World events (including the recent US election) have created turmoil and upset for many.

So, when the future is uncertain, other than stew, what can you do?


Action: Here are seven strategies to help you cope with the challenge of not knowing. (more…)

PAUSE – 16.30 – What’s Your Impact Going To Be Today?

November 30, 2016



My Thoughts:

It’s true. Our presence, our words, and our actions all have an impact on others. Being absent, saying nothing, and doing nothing also have an impact on others.

And, as I expect Goodall is suggesting in this quote, those same behaviours have an impact on our world at large.


Your Thoughts:

If you set out to have the most positive impact on people and places in your world today, where would you be, what would you say, and what would you do?


News Notes:

Precious Moments Video …

precious-moments-still300outlineEarlier this month, I wrote about the value of paying attention in a Precious Moments Pause Blog post.

I also invited you to share photos of some of your precious moments, and offered to compile them in a slide show/video.

As promised, here, it is. Thanks to all of you who added your special moments to this collection.

Click here or click on the Precious Moments image above to watch and enjoy! (more…)

Introducing Your 2016 Seasonal Bundle

November 24, 2016

red-ornament-w-210-outlinetextI’m feeling the spirit of the season and I hope that you are, too!

And, I’m delighted to send some good will – and a few savings – your way with this year’s Seasonal Bundle.

I’ve done this for a few years now. And each time I offer a combo that’s just a little bit different from the year before.

This year, to help you celebrate this season of light and the 12 days of Christmas – I have packaged up a dozen Seasonal Bundles that each contain the following:

  • 12 copies of the booklet, Take A Bow
  • 12 copies of the booklet, Take A Break
  • 12 copies of the book, Press Pause…Press On
  • 12 copies of the book, Press Pause…Think Again
  • Plus with each order you receive a bonus original PKatz watercolor sketch surface mounted on a 6×8” mat ready for framing (Keep it for yourself or gift it to someone else.)

All told, at regular pricing, this would be a $750 value. These seasonal bundles are priced at $250. (Shipping & tax included)

The fine print? Only 12 bundles on offer. Only available in Canada. Order before December 24/2015.

These books are the perfect gifts of encouragement for colleagues, employees, clients, friends and family.

At this price, you could gift 12 people with the full set of four publications for just $20 each AND provide something that delivers value well into the new year.

Order your bundle today and delight others tomorrow!

This link takes you to the Seasonal Bundle order form.

If you’d like to take a peak into all the publications, this link will take you to that info.


PAUSE – 16.29 – Can You See Yourself As A Perennial?

November 23, 2016

generation-diffs-wReflection: Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, and Millenials are all labels assigned to groups of people of a certain age.

In a world where we look for easy answers and ready-made explanations, this pigeonholing has gained a lot of traction. However, oversimplifying can build barriers instead of connections.

Each group is portrayed as having predictable motivations, values and behaviours. Those characterizations are not always accurate. For each generalization, most of us could cite an exception to the rule.

In truth, many of us share common values and aspirations despite the fact that we were born and raised in different times.

For these reasons, I was intrigued to read a recent article by Gina Pell, who notes that there are individuals of every age who live in the present, connect to world developments, and relate to others of varied ages. They stay curious and relevant, keep learning and growing, and consistently try new things.

Her tag for these folks? (more…)

PAUSE – 16.28 – How To Loosen Up & Lighten Up

November 16, 2016



My Thoughts:

 I wrote this message on November 14 in honor of ‘Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day’. (Thanks to my perennially good humored friend, Michael Kerr, for bringing these special days to our attention.)

A number of recent events (your list here…) might have prompted you to do just the opposite – to tighten up, flip out, or tilt to the dark side.

What if we could find a few ways to loosen our grip and lighten our mood? Well, here’s a handful of starter actions to lead you down that road: (more…)

PAUSE – 16.27 – Regrets? How Do You Make Them Fewer?

November 9, 2016

regrets-wReflection: If you’ve been following some of the work I’ve shared over the last year with respect to Spark & Malaise, you’ll recall me mentioning Bonnie Ware’s findings on the regrets people express near the ends of their lives.

In her research, the number one regret Ware heard repeatedly was that ‘people wished they’d had the courage to live a life true to themselves instead of the lives that others expected of them.’

That top finding is echoed in more recent research by Kathy Caprino.

In Caprino’s survey of those at an earlier stage in their lives (middle age and mid-career), she found the following top five regrets: (more…)

PAUSE – 16.26 – Are You Soaking Up Those Precious Moments?

November 2, 2016



My Thoughts:

A friend, and fellow artist, Sharon Bellknap recently shared the Encinatas Sunrise photo you see featured here.

The image is a stunner. Sharon tells me those colors became more and more beautiful, and then… they were gone.

That very same day, here in Saskatoon, the morning sun lit up our evergreen, bathing them in gold. By the time I returned with my camera…the magic was gone.

Moments like this are often short lived. They’re here…and then they’re gone. The real question is: Where are we?

Sharon tells me that on this particular morning she was out exercising her capacity to soak up precious moments. I love that phrase and that idea.


Your Thoughts:

How might our lives be enriched if you and I practiced our capacity to soak up more precious moments every day? (more…)

PAUSE – 16.25 – Stay Cool In The Face Of Frenzy

October 26, 2016

kramer-cartoon-wReflection: If you’re familiar with the long-running television series, Seinfeld, you may remember Kramer as one of the wackiest characters on the show.

Both physically and socially awkward, Kramer specialized in dramatic entrances. Charging into the room at high speed and skidding full-tilt to a dead stop, Kramer often declared, “Jerry, it’s a hair straight back day!”

And then, in his frantic way, Kramer would blurt out his dilemma of the day.

Maybe you are ‘blessed’ with a Kramer or two in your world – at work, at home or in your circle of friends.

That’s someone who is always in a hurry, often in a panic, and constantly tied up in knots over frequently inconsequential things.

Like Jerry, who stayed calm in the face of Kramer’s commotion, we too can stay cool, and maybe even help talk our frantic friends down from the ledge.

Consider your ability to stay calm a public service to others and a gift to yourself.


Action: When the ‘Kramers’ of your world invade and spew in every direction, don’t let yourself be blown over or swept away by the commotion. (more…)

PAUSE – 16.24 – Focus On Giving TO Not Getting FROM

September 21, 2016

Gift boxReflection: As much as we might like to think that our success is entirely our own doing, the truth suggests otherwise.

None of us goes it completely alone. There are always others who have opened doors or offered opportunities and support along the way.

I recently had an opportunity to speak to Payroll Professionals in Atlantic Canada about cultivating connections and networking effectively.

In my message, I suggested we focus less on ‘getting the most from our networks’ and focus more on ‘giving the most to our networks’.

In my experience, when we focus on supporting others, good things also tend to flow in our direction.


Action: Here are five ways to actively support those in your circles of connection. Try one today. (more…)

PAUSE – 16.23 – Coloring Outside The Lines

September 14, 2016



My Thoughts:

The inspiration for this image was the Provencale village of Gordes. Although the buildings of Gordes do sprawl across the hillside, they’re built from neutral colored stone with pale weathered terra cotta tiles. They’re nothing like the bright colors you see here.

One of the things that painting has taught me is that you don’t have to stick with what you see or what you know. You don’t have to be locked in to ‘do this-don’t do that’ rules.

You can step out in new directions, color outside the lines, and things will be okay! Or, surprise, even better than okay!


Your Thoughts:

What lines and rules might be holding you back?

Where could you step around, hop over, or slide under a line to add more freedom and energy to your world?


News Notes:

Add Spark To Your Next Conference

I’ve just booked another keynote and follow up session on the topic of Rekindling Spark – Navigating Malaise for a spring 2017 provincial conference of nurses. This topic is hitting home for many different people in many different walks of life. The experience of ‘rusting out’, feeling ‘meh, bleh, blah’ seems to know no boundaries.


I’d love to bring my strategies for dealing with this issue to your professional association, too. Do keep that possibility in mind and pass the idea along to those in charge of professional development activities for your association. This link gives an overview.


Plein Air Show

During the month of September, you can see samples of the work of various Saskatoon artists who share an interest in painting in the great outdoors – including three pieces by yours truly. You’ll find the show gracing the gallery walls at HUES Art Supply, 1818 Lorne Ave here in Saskatoon.