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Boomers To Zoomers? Think Again!

November 5, 2010

Exploding Head-wThere has been a lot of talk about generations and generational differences in the media and in the workplace. Over the last couple of years, along with millenials and Gen X and Y, a new word has wormed its way into the generational vocabulary: Zoomer.

As I understand it, a Zoomer is sub category within the Boomer age group (Boomers being those born between the mid 1940’s and mid 1960’s). The distinction appears to be that a ‘standard’ Boomer is someone on the decline – energy and involvement waning, aspirations dwindling, over the hill and coasting. In contrast, a Zoomer is considered to be someone who is fully energized, actively pursuing new goals, engaged in learning and exploring new territory.

I’m a proud Boomer with lots of life in me and ahead of me, and I find myself irritated by the word, Zoomer. I’ve come to understand it’s the word, itself, not the concept of long-haul vitality that gives me pause.

Synonyms for zoom include: buzz, speed, streak, whizz, flash. Zoooooom is all about moving fast and making noise. Showmanship! Razzle dazzle! Superficial, short-lived, flash-in-the-pan pizzazz!

At this stage of life with the hard earned maturity and wisdom we Boomers have at our disposal, we can do a LOT better than aspire to superficial zooming. We’ve learned what really matters – and the things that truly matter do not require running around like chickens with our heads cut off!

How about significance? Now there’s something long-lasting and meaningful – something that’s well worth pursuing.

Are you with me or against me on this? How does the Zoomer label strike you?