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Convention Take-Aways – Food For Thought

December 4, 2011

I just returned from several days of learning and sharing with my speaker colleagues at our annual CAPS Convention in Toronto. As with most experiences, I try to harvest the goodies before they fade into the background and life moves me ‘on to the next’.

Here are some of my take aways from this year’s conversations. Some are more specific to the entrepreneurial world of speakerdom – but many have general life application. So I thought I’d share them all.

Alan Weiss: Real wealth is discretionary time.

Bob Gray: If you want to remember something – or want others to remember – tie the idea to the whackiest, goofiest, silliest, most disconnected image possible. It confuses the brain and anchors the memory.

BG2: ‘I’m too old!’ really means ‘Leave me alone. I’m in my comfort zone.’

Mike Domritz:  If you want to have more of an impact, ask people how they are going to USE the information they’ve just heard. Don’t ask how much they liked you, your information, or the presentation itself.

Donald Cooper: In reply to a question about retirement: I’m doing the best work of my life. Why would I stop?

Laura Stack: Stop trying to break through the wall. Go for the open door and the people who already want what you’re doing.

LS2: A brand is what happens in the brain of your audience.

Cheryl Cran: Want to know how your work is received by Gen Y (the millenials)? Ask one of them to critique your presentation, your writing, your materials, your website. They’ll tell you what they think.

David Gouthro: What’s your mindset? Critical or appreciative? Choose to travel your day as a Gem Collector not a Crap Detector.

Cameron Hay: We cannot afford speakers who are mediocre in front of our members. Our program is our brand.

Mark Sanborn: There are no singular solutions. We each offer a piece of the puzzle.

MS2: Success is just an early warning indicator of failure.

Sam Horn: People don’t want more information; they want epiphanies.

Hope these ideas give you a little food for thought, too.


Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame Induction

December 9, 2010

What a great honor for me to be inducted into the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame. The announcement was made December 7, 2010, at the annual CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) Convention held in Montreal.

Katz HoF-Prsnttn-wThe Hall of Fame is a peer award for individuals who are recognized for their excellence on the platform, their longevity and success in the business, and their contributions to the speaking industry. That’s Warren Evans CSP, long time speaker colleague and friend (and HoF member himself) presenting me with the award. There are now 24 members from across the country who have been inducted into the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame.

Katz-HoF-wI am the fourth female speaker, and the second speaker working from Saskatchewan to be honored as a member of the Hall. Needless to say, I am delighted by the recognition. Even more than that, I so appreciate the support I have received over more than two decades in business from this great community of generous and talented colleagues.

Congratulations to Linda Edgecombe, CSP, a friend and colleague from British Columbia, who was also inducted on the same evening.

Thanks to Dov Friedman, CAPS Convention photographer, for so graciously gifting me with these images from the awards ceremony. This link will take you to Dov’s website, where you can learn more about his wonderful photography.