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PAUSE – 16.25 – Stay Cool In The Face Of Frenzy

October 26, 2016

kramer-cartoon-wReflection: If you’re familiar with the long-running television series, Seinfeld, you may remember Kramer as one of the wackiest characters on the show.

Both physically and socially awkward, Kramer specialized in dramatic entrances. Charging into the room at high speed and skidding full-tilt to a dead stop, Kramer often declared, “Jerry, it’s a hair straight back day!”

And then, in his frantic way, Kramer would blurt out his dilemma of the day.

Maybe you are ‘blessed’ with a Kramer or two in your world – at work, at home or in your circle of friends.

That’s someone who is always in a hurry, often in a panic, and constantly tied up in knots over frequently inconsequential things.

Like Jerry, who stayed calm in the face of Kramer’s commotion, we too can stay cool, and maybe even help talk our frantic friends down from the ledge.

Consider your ability to stay calm a public service to others and a gift to yourself.


Action: When the ‘Kramers’ of your world invade and spew in every direction, don’t let yourself be blown over or swept away by the commotion. (more…)

PAUSE – 15.06 – Cool Down To Calm Down

March 11, 2015

Yikes-wReflection: In a recent Pause message, Could You Be A More Reassuring Presence, I shared a few ideas for supporting others when things go sideways in their lives.

But what if it’s an event in your own life that’s giving you grief? How can you avoid getting unnecessarily bent out of shape when life sends a mind-bending challenge your way? How do you handle your own reactions when things go wrong?


Action: Here’s a five-step approach to bring relief and help you find your way back to a more even keel. (more…)