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Press Pause …Think Again: More Balance & Perspective For Work & Life

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By Patricia Katz.

Published 2011 – 144 pages – 6″ x 9″ – Retail: $19.95
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Feeling squeezed by the pressure of this crazymaking world of ours? Say hello to strategies that will engage your mind, encourage your heart, energize your body, and strengthen your spirit!

Press Pause … Think Again brings you 64 fresh perspectives on life and work. Each concept delivers sound advice for navigating this speed-crazed world with greater joy, ease, and grace than ever before.

  • Avoid tempo tantrums and adopt transition tactics.
  • Make meltdowns optional and safety valves matter.
  • Nix life’s discretionary burdens and plug energy drains.
  • Put technology on hold and bypass the acceleration trap.
  • Choose “presence” over “pace” to strengthen your community of support.
  • Live with an awesome sense of wonder, carving out your legacy as you go.

Click here for a pdf preview of the Table of Contents, Introduction, and four complimentary excerpts from the book.

Like it’s earlier companion edition, Press Pause … Press On, the all new Press Pause … Think Again is a superb resource for work-life balance and wellness programs. It also makes an outstanding gift for colleagues, friends and family. Readers love the practical insights and real life experiences partnered with engaging illustrations and inspiring quotes.

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