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Press Pause …Press On: Bringing Balance & Perspective To Work & Life

Press Pause … Press On

By Patricia Katz.

Published 2006 – 144 pages – 6″ x 9″ – Retail: $19.95
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This book brings relief for all who feel trapped by the pace and pressure of 21st century living. Press Pause … Press On delivers strategies for restoring a rhythm of renewal to work and life. No more crash and burn. No more blur and endure. Just 64 sanity-saving strategies for finding perspective, productivity and peace of mind.

  • Learn why pausing is productive and lingering is not lazy.
  • Find relief in ‘unitasking’ and ‘simplicizing’.
  • Set sanity policies and enjoy more ‘wabi sabi’ moments.
  • Gauge your Plimsoll Line and curb artificial urgency.
  • Make peace with the fact that you’ll never be done again.

Click here for a pdf preview of the Table of Contents, Introduction, and four complimentary excerpts from the book.

Press Pause … Press On is an excellent resource for work-life balance and wellness programs, and a superb gift for colleagues, friends and family. They’ll love the practical insights, engaging illustrations, real life experiences, and inspiring quotes.