Rekindle Spirit

Programming to spark engagement, discover new directions, tap fresh opportunities, and reignite spirit by exploring the art of reinvention. This is for you if you’re tackling issues like these: disengagement, mid life malaise, career coasting, and apathy.

Did you know…

  • that only one third of employees feel fully engaged?
  • that productivity losses due to presenteeism are estimated to be seven times greater than losses from absenteeism?
  • that many more Canadians are working later in life – well into their sixties?

What if … people found ways to stay curious and open to new possibilities, to be as engaged as possible for as long as possible?

This is entirely possible, if we become more skilled at rekindling our sparks in the face of malaise.

Malaise is that experience of rusting out – feeling uninspired, apathetic, disinterested – coasting on autopilot or just plain stuck. Something’s ‘off’, and it’s not clear why. Malaise negatively impacts individual satisfaction and engagement as well as organizational climate and productivity.

People most often experience malaise in mid-life, often during their forties and fifties, and even in their thirties. Given the current life expectancy of 80 and beyond, mid life includes all those years from thirty through sixty.

Based on her recent original research on malaise, Patricia Katz shares insights and strategies to help people recognize and address the issue in themselves and in their organizations.

Instead of viewing malaise as something to tolerate, avoid or eliminate, Katz proposes it be embraced as a catalyst for change.


Key Concepts

  • Recognizing the signs and symptoms of malaise
  • Understanding the causes of malaise and its impact on engagement in life and organizational climate
  • Embracing malaise as a natural part of the cycle of growth and development
  • Navigating a three-step process to move through malaise to what comes next – in good time with less angst and fewer lost opportunities

Available Formats:

This material is available in varied formats to fit your needs: a keynote, a keynote with accompanying concurrent session, a half day seminar, or as part of a retreat program.

Frequently Used Titles & Subtitles:

  • Light A Spark
  • Rekindling The Spark
  • Tapping Into Passion
  • Sparking The Journey From Jaded To Joyful
  • How Now? What Next

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I’m excited about working with you and your people to spark engagement, explore new directions, tap fresh opportunities, and reignite spirit.

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