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“Your research into FCC and our culture, as well as the focus on the needs of our division was clear. Your professional, entertaining presentation style captivated and engaged us the entire time. You were masterful at capturing the essence of value and applying it to our needs. Truly inspiring.”

– HR Business Partner, Farm Credit Canada

There’s nothing like a successful track record to predict the likelihood of future success. Read here how Pat has helped other organizations address their unique challenges. These case studies will give you ideas for how she can help you and your organization meet the challenges you face.

ParklandCollegeLogoChallenge: Kick Off Our Academic Year & Help Staff  Actively Express Appreciation & Stay Open To The Challenges That Lie Ahead

To kick off our academic year, we brought Patricia Katz in to deliver a keynote address for our Parkland College All Staff Gathering. We asked Pat to share strategies that would help our staff express everyday appreciation and stay open to meeting the challenges of what comes next. Her ‘Fuel For The Future’ presentation delivered on both fronts.

From our executive group to our frontline employees, staff were highly engaged in her message on the day of the event. They could not believe how quickly the time flew by and really enjoyed the hilarious stories in Pat’s presentation.

The positive impact continued long after the event was over. Staff are still laughing and learning from the example of Carl the Curmudgeon. We find ourselves searching for more creative responses when a pesky UPS (Unexpected Perturbing Situation) rolls into our lives.

We appreciate the extra resource materials Pat shared with our staff as a follow up to the presentation. And, we are considering how we might put Pat’s skills to use in the future as we continue our efforts to build an even more appreciative workplace.

Alison Dubreuil, CHRP, Director, Human Resources, Parkland College

shrChallenge: A Professional Mentoring Program Sets Out to Energize Its Dietetic Preceptors And Interns For The Year Ahead

Patricia was referred to me by several colleagues in Saskatoon that had been past participants in one of her workshops. They all had rave reviews. Following a conversation with Patricia, I immediately booked her to conduct an “Ease the Load, Lead the Way” workshop at our annual dietetic preceptor training event.

Patricia is a dynamic presenter who keeps the audience engaged. She provided a comprehensive, interactive and engaging workshop. On many occasions, she had the audience laughing; she has a knack for using humor to make very serious points. Over 100 dietitians and dietetic interns left the workshop feeling refueled and energized for the year to come. They want Patricia to come back next year!

From an organizational perspective, Patricia was easy to work with. All her workshop materials are of high quality and she is very well organized. All handout materials were received well in advance of the workshop. I have no hesitation in recommending Patricia Katz as a speaker for your next event

Natasha Haskey MSc RD, Coordinator of Nutrition and Dietetic Practice, Saskatoon Health Region

stepChallenge: A Trade & Export Association Integrates New Members To The Team & Strengthens Communication & Accountability

We’ve had greet feedback on the session you delivered at our Team Development Retreat. Staff valued your activities that connected them more deeply with their colleagues. It helped them get to know people in different ways. The pace and flow were just right, the material was useful, and the interaction was stimulating.

We appreciated the models you shared offering ways to think about and respond to challenging situations. As a result of your session, we are reminding each other to let go of the things we cannot change, and we are deliberately being more present to each other in our conversations.

You’re an easy speaker to listen to – very relatable and engaging. Our staff felt that your session was an excellent use of their time. And, you hit the mark in what I look for most in a presenter, which is that all attendees take away something useful to apply to their work and personal lives.

Pam Bartoshewski, Controller, Saskatchewan Trade & Export Partnership

lloydminsterChallenge: Chamber of Commerce Winds Up Their Business Education Month With Style & Impact

We were thrilled to have Patricia Katz as our featured speaker at our Business Education Month wind up event. The feedback that we received was very positive. She offered practical ideas for how people might treat themselves well in this stressful, overwhelming world of ours. Several attendees remarked that Pat provided new ideas that they hadn’t considered before. Others appreciated the reminders about familiar but important ideas to which they had not paid near enough attention.

Pat’s often times humorous, real life stories that everyone can relate to, makes her so believable and sincere. Her presentation is at times high energy and very impactful while at other times, contemplative and thoughtful.

We’ve already fielded calls from several other organizations who have heard about the impact of Pat’s presentation and who are looking to bring her in to speak in their communities. We’re more than happy to pass her name along. Pat played a key role in helping us deliver a successful event that will build positive word of mouth and momentum for future programs.

Pat Tenney, Executive Director, Lloydminster Chamber of Commerce

kids-firstChallenge: Early Childhood Education Group Wants An Engaging Opening Keynote for Two Day Conference

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of an organizing committee for a provincial gathering of staff working in various early childhood development programs throughout Saskatchewan. Pat was the opening Keynote Presenter for our two-day event.

Pat presented on work-life balance, a topic that was of great interest to the gathering participants.

Through thoughtful screening Pat had an excellent understanding of the audience. There was a very diverse representation of staff working in early childhood development from front-line home visiting personnel to public health nurses, mental health clinicians, child protection workers, and program administrators. Pat’s language and approach made her important messages of “how to strike the right balance” accessible to everyone.

Pat’s warm and relaxed presentation style provided everyone with important information about how to stay well while doing what you love. She threaded humour and personal stories throughout her presentation in a way that allowed participants to stay engaged in a meaningful way.

Working with over-burdened families has the capacity to take its toll on staff. Understanding this, Pat was able to skillfully encourage participants to always take time to reflect on what engages minds, encourages hearts, energizes bodies and builds spirits. These messages provided a perfect start to our two-day gathering!

Our experience of working with Pat was delightful. I look forward to other opportunities in the future.

Pam Woodsworth, Conference Chair, Kids First

sarcChallenge: Association Honors & Motivates Its Volunteers At Annual General Meeting & Conference

Please accept my personal gratitude and congratulations for the exceptional keynote address that you provided for Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centres’ AGM and Conference.

Following the discussion you and I had a few weeks prior to our conference, I was confident that your presentation would motivate our conference delegates. If motivation was your only goal, you succeeded. However, if you were striving to inspire deep belly laughter, internal reflection, misty eyes, and a healthy dose of ‘open your eyes to the world that surrounds’, you nailed it!

Your engaging presentation on Hidden Value left all conference-goers thinking about how to embrace and savour life. I also want to personally thank you for recognizing and involving our honorable Volunteer of Distinction. Her success and life accomplishments just solidified your message for all of us.

Quality presenters are difficult to find, so I hope you don’t object to me recommending you to colleagues.

Amy Jackson, Executive Director, Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centres


cumberland_collegeChallenge: A Regional College Tackles The Challenge of Overload in the Workplace

We brought Patricia Katz in to work with our management team at our annual retreat to help us tackle the ongoing challenge of overload. In our busyness, we were finding it difficult to make time for healthy self-care and for the depth of reflection we need to make excellent decisions and sound choices.

Pat got us! She listened to our underlying concerns and understood our real needs. She created a safe, respectful environment. She was open and flexible enough to build the program around our most pressing issues.

We now have plans and a process in place that will help us begin to address our workload issues.

Lyle Bittman, Director of Development, Cumberland Regional College

city_of_grande_prairieChallenge: A Municipal Government Strengthens and Deepens its Commitment to Organizational Health and Employee Wellness

The City of Grande Prairie works hard to assure the health, safety and wellness of our employees. Each year we deliver a series of informational programs as part of a Wellness month awareness and skill building campaign. We also hold an annual planning retreat involving employees from across civic departments to set corporate goals in health and wellness.

This year we called on Pat Katz to deliver two wellness sessions for staff and to facilitate our planning retreat. We experienced record attendance and an excellent response.

Pat helped extend our understanding of the depth and range of factors that contribute to organizational health and employee well being. As a result, we expanded our collective definition of wellness.

Pat encouraged us to look at how our workplace culture supports or inhibits employee health and wellness and how cultural behaviours and attitudes impact organizational productivity. We are now in the process of creating a common vision and shared approach to wellness and balance in the corporation.

We found great value in working with Pat. Her presentation style, wealth of information, practical ideas and publications have allowed us to see what our ideal future could be like! Staff have expressed interest in having her return for repeat performances with individual work groups.

Janice Kretzer-Prysunka, Human Resources Consultant, City of Grande Prairie

university_of_reginaChallenge: A University Department Reconnects Members of Diverse & Dispersed Teams

We brought Pat Katz in to work with our staff at our annual teambuilding retreat. Because we are a group with diverse responsibilities working out of four different buildings, these retreats are an opportunity for us to reconnect and recommit as a team.

Pat structured a program that helped us engage more deeply with our colleagues. We learned more about each other as individuals, and also about what we need to work effectively as a team.

Pat set a tone that helped our staff feel safe in stepping outside their normal routines and comfort zones. The day flew by. We left the session laughing and at ease – fed, watered and cared for in every sense – seeing and appreciating each other in a fresh light.

Weeks later, we are still seeing the positive influence of the ‘appreciating others’ message she helped instill in the staff. Mission accomplished!

Audrey Perra, Faculty Administrator, University of Regina

unitedwayChallenge: Community Service Agency Develops The Skills Of Those Who Lead Their Campaigns

Each year, we provide provide professional development programming for the United Way Loaned Reps. These are the people who are loaned to us by their place of employment for the 15 weeks of the community campaign to “give the campaign its wings” and help us provide service to more than 400 workplaces running employee campaigns in support of our community.

Pat Katz’s work with us is an intrinsic part of this process. Pat has provided several sessions to these people over the years. Each has been innovative, inspiring, and essential to the high-energy work the campaign team performs every fall in our community.

This year, Pat’s session, ‘Press for Performance; Pause for Renewal’, really set the tone for our campaign, helping this group become more aware of their own needs as individuals and more confident in fulfilling these needs while helping others. Building on this foundation, they went on to form an amazingly successful team, as shown by the record-breaking results this year – raising more than $2.9 million (on a $2.7 miliion goal), an 8% increase over the previous achievement.

Pat’s contribution to this community working the United Way campaign team is a testament to her ability to walk the talk. Pat’s warm spirit and her ability to share that warmth is a gift for which I, my team, and the community at large are most grateful.

Margot Weiner, Campaign Coordinator, United Way of Saskatoon

btr_financialChallenge: A Financial Services Company Sponsors an Uplifting Appreciation Experience for Clients & Staff

We host an annual recognition and appreciation event for our clients and staff. We called on Pat Katz, who delivered an enlightening presentation at our most recent event.

Although we are all very aware of how we are supposed to balance our work, play and life, Pat brought her “Pause” model to the forefront of our thoughts. Our clients were impressed with the way she captivated them with her vivid and spirited stories from her own life experiences.

Pat’s interaction with the audience and the personalization she brought to the presentation were awesome! Her commitment to helping us all create a relaxed and comforting environment in our work and personal lives is a true testament to how simple life can be if we would only allow ourselves to pause and breathe.

We’re thankful to Pat for making our event one of the best we have ever planned!

Bryan & Deanna Rindal, BTR Financial Planning

siastChallenge: A Technical Institute Builds a Day of Learning Around a Compelling Theme

Each year, we provide a professional development conference for 300 faculty and staff at SIAST Palliser Campus.

Patricia Katz not only agreed to be our keynote and breakout speaker at our 2005 Conference, she also provided us with the theme for our day (Take A Break & Get A Grip), and attended the entire event.

We were impressed with the ease with which Patricia transitioned from delivering a keynote address to a large group to a smaller more intimate breakout session.

We appreciated Patricia’s enthusiasm in delivery and her passion and conviction for her subject. Her presentations flowed seamlessly from point to point, starting & ending on time!! She doesn’t require any looking after and really flows with what the environment has available.

Patricia’s pause stickers are still showing up days after the event. In fact I have one on my binder.

We would not hesitate to recommend Patricia Katz as a keynote or breakout presenter.

Gary Enns, Human Resources Manager, SIAST Palliser Campus

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