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“If motivation was your only goal, you succeeded. However, if you were striving to inspire deep belly laughter, internal reflection, misty eyes, and a healthy dose of ‘open your eyes to the world that surrounds’, you nailed it! Your engaging presentation on Hidden Value left all conference-goers thinking about how to embrace and savour life. Quality presenters are difficult to find, so I hope you don’t object to me recommending you to colleagues.”

– Executive Director, Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centres

  “It was an absolute delight having you at our conference. Your session was incredible. It was wonderfully tailored to the audience. We felt as though you had been right beside us in the trenches on a tough day. Your story telling was animated, vivid and worked brilliantly to paint a picture and drive home your point. At times we were laughing, crying, and crying from laughing! We will be referencing many of your stories and punch lines throughout our organization in the years to come.  Many thanks for a wonderful keynote. It made our day a great success!”

– Program Lead, Churchill Park Family Care Society

  “We’ve already fielded calls from several other organizations who have heard about the impact of Pat’s presentation and who are looking to bring her in to speak in their communities. We’re more than happy to pass her name along. Pat played a key role in helping us deliver a successful event that will build positive word of mouth and momentum for future programs.”

– Executive Director, Lloydminster Chamber of Commerce

  “Your message inspired me as much in 2013 as it did years ago when I first heard you speak. You have a special way of grounding people and keeping things simple.”

– Senior Advisor, Saskatchewan Government Relations

  “Thank you so much for leading our group in our teambuilding day. This is such important foundational work, and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather engage to help strengthen and build a new team.

– Director, University of Saskatchewan

  “Awesome presentation! A must see! A must hear! Dynamic and informative! The list of kudos goes on and on! Thanks for your two engaging and informative Life Balance Seminars. The participants from the morning session went back to their units, raved about their experience, and ten extra people ‘crashed’ the afternoon session.”

– Development Officer, University of Saskatchewan

  “Patricia captures her audiences by the heartstrings and makes them focus on what really matters!”

– Coach & Consultant, The Millionaire Woman

  “Pat is a dynamic and exciting speaker. She keeps the audience engaged by using humour and examples from her own experiences as well as building on experiences shared by the group. Pat’s workshop was very well received. Managers indicated they could put the skills learned to work. They enjoyed the workshop content and her dynamic presentation.”

– HR Consultant, Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly

  “Communicative, practical, positive, compelling.”

– Manager, Saskatchewan Labour Relations

  “Patricia is a dynamic presenter who keeps the audience engaged. She provided a comprehensive, interactive and engaging workshop. On many occasions, she had the audience laughing; she has a knack for using humor to make very serious points. Over 100 dietitians and dietetic interns left the workshop feeling refueled and energized for the year to come. They want Patricia to come back next year! I would have no hesitation in recommending Patricia Katz as a speaker for your next event.”

– Coordinator Dietetic Practice, Saskatoon Health Region

  “Pat is passionate about life and longs for people to know their worth.”

– Educational Assistant, Saskatoon Public Schools

  “Pat’s language and approach made her important message about ‘how to strike the right balance’ accessible to everyone. Pat’s warm and relaxed presentation style provided important information about how to stay well while doing what you love. She threaded humour and personal stories throughout her presentation in a way that allowed participants to stay engaged in a meaningful way. Pat was able to skillfully encourage participants to always take time to reflect on what engages minds, encourages hearts, energizes bodies and builds spirits. Our experience of working with Pat was delightful.”

– Conference Chair, Kids First

  “I believe in what you do and how you do it. Your messages really add value to people’s lives!

– Manager, Saskatoon Health Region

  “We appreciated the models you shared offering ways to think about and respond to challenging situations. As a result of your session, we are reminding each other to let go of the things we cannot change, and we are deliberately being more present to each other in our conversations. You hit the mark in what I look for most in a presenter, which is that all attendees take away something useful to apply to their work and personal lives.“

– Controller, Saskatchewan Trade & Export Partnership

  “What strikes me is your ability to notice – really notice – what is happening in an everyday moment, and to ponder the wider message, the broader learning and the life lessons. You have a real gift for seeing things in a different way.

– Professional Coach, Nine Lions Coaching

  “Your work/life balance and productivity strategies made a positive difference for our sales staff. We are making good on our plans 85% of the time, and still getting home in time for supper with our families.”

– Sales Manager, Cargill

  “You gave practical steps to get out of ruts and bad habits, plus fresh ideas for improving our work relationships and productivity. The day I got back to the office, I planned and made a sales call on a large prospect. I had been putting it off for some time. The results were gratifying, and whether or not I land this business, I will always remember what motivated me.”

– Senior Relationship Manager, Bank of Montreal

  “You combine real-life experiences with wit and humor. We were uplifted, we were encouraged, we were entertained, and we absolutely loved every minute of it!”

– Co-coordinator, Whitewood Women’s Conference

  “Once again, Patricia, you were outstanding! Your presentation was educational, entertaining and exceptionally interesting. There were numerous references to your ideas during our AGM.”

– Executive Director, Saskatchewan Association of Optometrists

  “Your reminder to pause to appreciate life’s moments was much needed and much appreciated. Conference attendees rated the quality of your presentation the highest of any speaker over our three-day conference.”

– Coordinator, Sask Pork Symposium

  “Pat is an experienced professional. She suggested options that would support our objectives, and was willing to go the extra mile to prepare a presentation in a very compressed time frame. The results were spectacular!”

– Learning Consultant, Service Canada

  “Pat’s session, Press For Performance…Pause For Renewal, set the tone for our campaign, helping our Loaned Reps become more aware of their own needs and more confident in helping others. Building on this foundation, they went on to form an amazingly successful team and generate record-breaking results.”

– Campaign Coordinator, United Way

  “Your research into FCC and our culture, as well as the focus on the needs of our division was clear. Your professional, entertaining presentation style captivated and engaged us the entire time. You were masterful at capturing the essence of value and applying it to our needs. Truly inspiring.”

– HR Business Partner, Farm Credit Canada

  “Patricia Katz delivered an outstanding session for our municipal leadership program. She combines solid research, customized content and humor in a very professional package. Pat was a pleasure to work with. Our leadership students rated her as the best facilitator in their year-long program.”

– Staff Development Specialist, City of Thunder Bay

  “Patricia’s opening plenary conference session was a delight: informative, professional, entertaining, and perfectly timed. It spoke to the need for busy managers to take hold of their lives and achieve a balance that enables both greater effectiveness and more enjoyment in the working day.”

– Program Chair, Western Association of Registrars of Universities & Colleges of Canada

  “Thank you again for an insightful and introspective message. You ended our successful meeting with passion, enthusiasm, warmth and care, and left us with some serious thinking to do about what really matters in life.”

– Director, Investors Group

  “Our staff shared many positive comments about your mix of humor, practical strategies and compelling information. We look forward to our continued collaboration.”

– Coordinator Staff Development, Saskatoon Public Schools

  “It was such a pleasure having you share your expertise and yourself with us. I especially liked how you moved amongst us, spoke to everyone, and made each person feel special.”

– Centre Educator, Capital Care Grandview

  “Participants respond well to your open and easy-going facilitation style. Your ability to impart knowledge through a variety of learning methods keeps everyone engaged.”

– Organizational Development Consultant, Sk Public Service Commission

  “I would like to personally thank you for presenting during our conference. Your preparation and outstanding delivery were very much appreciated. We received great feedback from delegates, and it was a pleasure working with you.”

– Director, Medavie Blue Cross

  “We appreciated your energetic, motivating and authentic conference presentation. Your real-life examples were practical and applicable to the farm direct marketing industry. Your passion to encourage us to pause for revitalization and renewal is inspiring.”

– Specialist, Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development

  “Pat outlined a series of simple methods that are bound to assist staff in achieving a work life balance. The information shared was extremely useful. Implementing her hints would be easy and rewarding. Her presentation was informative and professional, delivered with a good deal of humor and camaraderie with her audience.”

– Program Supervisor, City of Saskatoon Community Services

  “Your comments on how we cope with constant change were insightful, thoughtful and humorous. You provided the impetus for each of us to examine our own priorities and lifestyles.”

– Communications Manager, Revenue Canada

  “People were so appreciative of your time with them on Friday. When I got back in the office on Tuesday, there were several e-mail messages including one which referred to a Katz-ism. Your words will live on with this group.”

– Family Ministries, United Church of Canada

  “Thank you very much for writing to me. I could not believe that you would even remember my question, but to take the time to answer in as much detail as you did, leaves me in awe! Never before have I had a professional development speaker who was willing to go beyond the session as you have. I cannot believe the time and care you have taken to serve me. It is much appreciated.”

– Teacher, Peace River School Unit

  “I want to commend you on the high level of audience participation, the overall organization of the presentation, the use of a visual organizer as a handout, and your ability to develop a comfortable environment very quickly.”

– Staff Development Superintendent, Saskatoon Board of Education

  “Thank you for bringing organizational hope to our personal and professional lives. Your message touched everyone in the audience in one way or another. Some, including myself, felt you may have modeled your talk around our daily lives. Your research on our organization and profession made the comments all the more relevant.”

– President, Saskatchewan Association of Architects

  “In my mind, the greatest evaluation of a training session is the amount of post-training discussion which occurs and ultimately, the changes which result. From a personal perspective, I have implemented several of your suggestions and as I walk around the office, I notice many others have taken action as well.”

– Personnel Supervisor, MLT Management Inc.

  “Your presentation was bang on – you hit the points that needed to be hit and your advice was practical and useful. You tackled what could have been a very dull subject in a humorous, light-hearted yet down-to-earth way that made us all think that maybe – just maybe – we too can get our lives in order.”

– Saskatchewan Weekly Newspapers Association

  “I do see examples of improved time management from those who attended. I believe that they feel better able to cope with the demands of the position and will be taking their personal needs into consideration in making decisions. People are more willing to explain the demands upon themselves when extra duties are requested and we are able to work out solutions that see the priorities accomplished. I also believe that we are more understanding of each others work load.”

– CEO, Assiniboine Valley Health District

  “Pat scored 10 out of 10 on our conference evaluations for her ‘Open For Business…Open For Life’ keynote delivered at our annual Business Symposium. If you are looking for a presenter who is a polished speaker, able to relate to the audience and deliver a very inspiring and practical presentation on work life balance, give Patricia Katz a call!”

– Events Coordinator, Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan

  “I was deluged with positive comments about your message and presentation style. You were the obvious ‘HIT’ of the conference. One delegate from Toronto remarked that he was amazed Saskatoon had so many high quality presenters with significant messages. He went on to add that your presentation would have a lasting impact on him.”

– Superintendent of Planning & Communication, Saskatoon Board of Education

  “Your research into the specific organization and needs of our department was evident in the program. The well-paced, professional and humorous delivery held our attention throughout. I am pleased to recommend this seminar to other groups, who are sure to benefit from the practical results as much as our group has.”

– Manager, Saskatchewan Government Insurance

  “Thank you, Pat, for your meticulous preparation and energetic leadership. Our only problem now is finding way to make next year’s seminar as good!”

– Coordinator, Saskatchewan Abilities Council

  “All of the department heads commented to me about what a dynamic speaker you are and how our team found it a very productive session. The only drawback was that we couldn’t have you for the afternoon as well!”

– Oliver Lodge Special Care Home

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