“We were impressed with the ease with which Patricia transitioned from delivering a keynote address to a large group to a smaller more intimate breakout session. Her presentations flowed seamlessly from point to point, starting & ending on time!! She doesn’t require any looking after and really flows with what the environment has available.”

– Gary Enns, Human Resources Manager, SIAST Palliser Campus

Communicating up front about the details of an engagement means everyone is more likely to be on the same wavelength and less likely to be tripped up by last minute surprises.

You’ll find Pat exceptionally easy to work with – before, during, and after an engagement. As a starting point for clarifying the details, here are Pat’s preferences for event logistics.

Room Set-up:

  • For small to medium sized groups, prefer half round seating at round tables.
  • If large group theatre style seating, prefer a curved or chevron style.
  • As little space as possible between stage area and first few rows of tables and/or chairs.


  • Slightly raised stage/platform without podium. If a podium is required for other presentations before or afterwards, please recess it or place it to the side so there is space for free movement around the stage.
  • Small table (cocktail round or up to four foot square) to the side of the stage/platform to accommodate laptop, notes and water.
  • Access to electrical power and connection to the LCD projector.
  • Pat moves around the stage and occasionally into the audience during her programs, so if stage height warrants request stairs, without arm rails, front center.


  • Pat prefers full house and full stage lights as much as possible, dimming only over the screen for her computer-generated presentation (when one is used).

Audio Visual:

  • One cordless lavaliere microphone.
  • Occasionally Pat also requests a handheld cordless microphone to use in audience interaction.
  • Extra-large screen – as large as the room can hold.
  • Preferred placement of screen is to left or right of stage/platform or speaking area.
  • LCD projector with audio and video plug-ins & cords.
  • Pat’s presentations are designed in MS Powerpoint software on a Mac. She will bring her own Mac Powerbook Pro laptop with her own remote and with the convertor link to connect to your LCD projector.
  • Pat requests access to equipment and room to set up and test prior to the presentation (at least 45 minutes prior or earlier if the program agenda warrants).


  • Pat will customize a program handout for your audience. It can be emailed to you in advance for photocopying and distribution at the event. Pat can arrange for duplication and billing of copy costs, and for some programs there will be a per person materials charge and handouts are included as part of that fee.

Video or Audio Taping Pat’s Presentations:

  • Pat is happy to consider requests for video or audio taping her presentation for internal and non-commercial use. Please request written permission ahead of the event. Copyright and intellectual property rights of all recorded sessions remain with Pat and Optimus Consulting.
  • In lieu of payment for recording privileges, Pat requests a quality copy of the digital recording.


  • Unless otherwise agreed, Pat will handle her own transportation arrangements to and from your event.
  • Pat will book air travel at the most economical rate that still allows for advance seat selection and same day changes.
  • Whenever one trip serves multiple clients, travel costs will be shared amongst clients as equitably as possible.
  • Please book non-smoking accommodation for Pat at the event location or notify her of the need to make her own accommodation arrangements.


  • Introduction: If desired, Pat will provide you with a fully customized introduction before the event. A generic intro is available on the website at: Pat’s Introduction.
  • Other materials: Groups often buy Pat’s books or resource materials as a gift to audience members. In some cases, these materials can be personalized for your specific audience. See the Shop for product information, and contact Pat directly for options, quantity discount pricing, and review copies.
  • Pre Program Questionnaire: To help Pat prepare to do the best possible job for your organization and event, it’s important that she know as much as possible about your organization, this event, and the participants who will be attending. You will find a Pre Program Questionnaire on the website that can be completed and submitted online at: Pre Program Questionnaire.

What’s Your Next Step?

If you are ready to book a program, have concerns that aren’t addressed here, or you need to clarify any of the information that does appear here, contact Pat directly.