This collection of videos gives you a good idea of the messages I can bring to you and your organization.

Growing Your People & Results in Value & Worth offers an overview of the need to enhance Energy, Enthusiasm & Insight.

These three topic areas are highlighted with two videos each. You’ll find an introductory video for each of: EnergyEnthusiasm and Insight. And following those intros, you’ll find a set of videos that offers a trio of action ideas for each of those three topics.

Lighting A Spark is a new topic that looks at Rekindling Spirit in the face of malaise. My TEDX video introduces this concept.

Growing Your People & Results In Value & Worth

Lighting A Spark: TEDX

Six Part Video Series On Spark & Malaise

Learn more about this topic in the Six Part Video Series On Spark & Malaise. Each three minute video addresses one of the most commonly asked questions about Spark and Malaise.

Boosting & Renewing Energy

Fueling Enthusiasm

Inspiring Insight: Live & Learn

3 Ways To Boost Energy

3 Ways To Fuel Enthusiasm

3 Ways To Inspire Insight

Video Previews

Listen and watch along with some of my previous audiences to get a sense of my presentation style. I hope you enjoy this sampling of highlights.

Katz Highlights Video

At A Glance Video Excerpts

What’s Your Next Step?

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Check out Pat’s offerings in each of these four areas: Boosting EnergyFueling Enthusiasm,  Inspiring Insight, and Rekindling Spirit.