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Pat – The Inside Scoop

Here are twenty-five lesser known facts about me that might surprise, inform, or amuse.

  1. I grew up in a Saskatchewan farmhouse with five sisters, and as you might imagine, one very congested bathroom.
  2. I love hot air ballooning – whether over the Canadian prairies or the Arizona desert. I’ve been up (and thankfully, down) many times and helped crew with the Remax balloon team for a couple of summers here in Saskatoon.
  3. Bobby Curtola was the star of the first concert I ever attended – in Saskatoon, SK. James Taylor and Bette Midler starred in the most recent concerts attended.
  4. I am very proud to be Canadian and have visited every province in the Dominion.
  5. My greatest (and only) athletic triumph was placing second in the Potato Race at my very first Track and Field Day. I was not then – nor am I now – a fast runner, but I was coordinated enough not to drop my spuds!
  6. It took me three trips to Paris (one of my favorite cities in the entire world) before I finally got to meet Mona.
  7. I spent 104 weeks (two years) of my life working as a counselor, camp director and programmer at Rayner Centre on Lake Diefenbaker.
  8. In the 1970’s I learned how to spin a yarn – on my Grandmother’s antique spinning wheel. I spent many hours at my 45″ Lillistina floor loom weaving into the wee hours of the morning.
  9. I have led singsongs for groups of 5 around campfires and groups of 500 in conference rooms. I know all the words to ‘Little Rabbit Frou Frou’. You might, too!
  10. My writing was first published at the age of 8 by the Young Cooperators pages of the Western Producer. My pen name was Princess Dale. Don’t ask me why. I don’t remember!
  11. I was awarded a soccer medal at the age of 45 – not for any prowess on the field, but for my stamina on the sidelines. I spent an entire weekend cheering on my daughter’s team wearing a sweaty Tiger mascot suit. And you thought locker rooms were stinky!
  12. I attended ‘kindergarten’ in my playhouse on the farm where Karen (a cousin one year my senior) taught me the skills she had learned in Grade One each day after school. As a result, I tore through stacks of library books and covered two grades in my first year at school.
  13. In a quest for bonus points for my team, I leaped on and off a cruise ship grand piano in a chest beating imitation of Tarzan of the Jungle. And yes, I was on the cusp of turning 50, so it may have been one of those mid-life madness moments!
  14. Pizza first crossed my lips at the age of 16 at Shakey’s Pizza on a 4-H Exchange trip to Iowa City, IA.
  15. I know how to use a router, skill saw, drill press, belt sander, and paint roller. Watch your fingers!
  16. In 1985, I chaperoned 20 Canadian teenagers on a five country tour of Europe and lived to tell about it.
  17. I TOTALLY embarrassed myself in front of Canada’s very first astronaut. In my overly excited incoherence, I extended my hand for a shake and announced, “Hi, I’m Marc Garneau!”
  18. I ran a weekend bakery operation for my Dad at the age of 10. Each Saturday, I was paid a nickel a loaf for baking 16 loaves of bread. The family couldn’t eat it fast enough. Gifts to neighbors couldn’t take up the slack. The freezer filled to overflowing. The business failed due to over zealous supply!
  19. I have been known to write songs – both spoofs and serious ‘masterpieces’. I was thrilled recently to partner with Saskatoon singer songwriter, Carrie Catherine, to create and record ‘Just Pause’. You can listen in at:
  20. I slept in Stockholm’s floating ship hostel on a solo backpacking trip through Scandinavia after I finished my first university degree.
  21. I can sew with the best of them. I was crowned Provincial 4-H Dress Revue Queen in 1968. I also won Eaton’s Sewing Contest to become Saskatchewan’s representative at a national competition in Toronto. Sadly, I didn’t place in the national competition, and missed out on the winning prize, an all expense paid trip to London, England.
  22. I won an Oratory Contest at the age of 8 by reciting the poem, Pitapat. A Pause reader kindly forwarded me the words to the poem. Let me know if you need a copy. I now have them at hand once again.
  23. I know my way around a TV studio. I produced a television program, Consumer Notes, for the University of Saskatchewan in the ’70s. I hosted 16 satellite broadcasts of the management development program, Frontline Leadership in the ’80s, and made 24 guest appearances on CBC television’s What On Earth in the ’90s.
  24. I loved whitewater rafting on the Kananaskis River in the Canadian Rockies – even though a case of anticipatory jitters kept me awake most of the night before.
  25. My family includes two beautiful daughters: Tristan (and her handsome Newfoundland husband, Marc, along with their wonderful young boys, Leon and Oliver) and Lindsay (mother of our very first grandson, Ethan). My husband, Dave, is my greatest fan and cheerleader.

As you can see, I’m as human as everyone else you know. I’d love to help you and your organization address your overload, overwhelm, stress, pressure and performance challenges. Contact me to see how we might work together.

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