Story Ideas For Media

Here are some starter story ideas for features on these issues: overload/overwhelm in the workplace, and appreciation/encouragement in the workplace.

Overload & Overwhelm Story Ideas

Personal Responsibility

Whose responsibility is it to create reasonable life and work loads? Yours, mine, ours or somebody else’s?

Negotiating Reasonable Loads

How can you say ‘enough’ and raise concerns about workload problems without appearing to be incompetent or incapable of doing your job?


Everything seems equally important and it all needs to be done right away! Now what? How can we set priorities and feel good about our choices?


Interruptions, distractions and multitasking take their toll on progress. How do we focus in an ADD world?


Email, voice mail, texting, twittering, and more! How do we master technology instead of slaving away in service of the beeps, bells and whistles in our lives?


I love my occupation and commit most of my time and energy to my work. Is that necessarily a bad thing? How do I know when it becomes a problem for me or for others?

Appreciation & Encouragement Story Ideas

Personal Responsibility

Whose responsibility is it to encourage others? Yours, mine, ours or somebody else’s?

Languages of Appreciation

How do we convey our appreciation in a way that others get the message?

Bloopers & Pitfalls

If you’re not one to whom sharing encouragement comes easily, what are some do’s and don’ts to remember as you step out into unfamiliar territory?

Types of Recognition

Other than money, what are some of the ways you can express appreciation to others for their contributions?

Beyond Recognition

Is recognition the only or most important way to motivate and engage others? What else could we do?

Celebrating Our Own Success

Without blowing our own horns or bragging, how might we celebrate our own accomplishments and satisfactions?

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