Inspire Insight

Programming to spark learning, trigger creativity, and tap into wisdom by exploring the art of perspective. This is for you if you’re tackling issues like these: growth, lifelong learning, learning in action, learning organizations, creativity, innovation, wisdom, perspective, mastery.

Everyday experiences are steeped in wisdom – but only if you pay close attention. A ‘Been There…Done That’ mindset slams doors in the face of learning. A ‘Beginner’s Mind’ opens doors to fresh perspectives.

Fresh perspectives spark creativity and innovation. Fresh insights grow skills and deepen understanding. And, fresh viewpoints spark changes in behavior leading to new habits for ongoing success.

Learning engages and motivates employees. The fresh energy and new ideas that learning yields helps organizations stay competitive and relevant in changing times.

Using her novice experiences in watercolor as a learning lab, Pat reveals what painting taught her about life while she was learning about art.

The images are original. The stories are unique. The lessons are timeless. But what’s even more significant is how this message will inspire you and your colleagues to mine YOUR everyday experiences.

Don’t let life’s lessons pass you by. Master the mindset and skills of pausing, noticing and questioning. Dive deep to surface those nuggets of wisdom to enrich your life and advance your work.

Key Concepts

  • Cultivating Beginner’s Mind – what it is and why it matters
  • Lessons Gleaned From Adventures In Art – living examples of how exploring new territory sparks deeper learning
  • Mining Your Experiences – a three step process for drawing fresh insights from everyday experiences

Available Formats:

This material is available in varied formats to fit your needs: a keynote, a keynote with accompanying concurrent session, a half day seminar, or as part of a retreat program.

Frequently Used Titles & Subtitles:

  • Live & Learn
  • The Art of Insight
  • Paintbox Wisdom
  • Life Lessons From A Brush With Art

Your Next Step:

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