Fuel Enthusiasm

Programming to lift spirits, strengthen relationships and connect to purpose by exploring the art of appreciation. This is for you if you’re tackling issues like these: encouragement, appreciation, recognition, celebration, appreciative culture, value, purpose, meaning, motivation.

Appreciation strengthens relationships, sustains organizations, and maintains the loyalty of employees and clients alike. The US Department of Labor reports that 64% of employees leave their jobs because they don’t feel valued. Could any of these people be yours?

Recognition and celebration are more than just the icing on the cake. When encouragement flows freely, relationships flourish, and results follow.

Connecting people to purpose is key. Helping people see that both their character (who they are) and their actions (what they do) matter, fuels commitment and enthusiasm. Teaching people how to share their appreciation in ways that others ‘get it’ builds confidence. Encouraging people to celebrate their own success energizes everyone.

Building and sustaining an appreciative, purposeful workplace impacts engagement, wellness and productivity in positive and enduring ways.

Key Concepts

  • Understanding the positive impact of appreciation
  • Cultivating an appreciative mindset & culture
  • Connecting everyday actions to purpose
  • Tapping into opportunities to express appreciation
  • Avoiding pitfalls when recognizing others
  • Mastering tools & techniques for extending appreciation
  • Strengthening the power of appreciative comments
  • Celebrating your own success along the way

Available Formats:

This material is available in varied formats to fit your needs: a keynote, a keynote with accompanying concurrent session, a half day seminar, or as part of a retreat program.

Frequently Used Titles & Subtitles:

  • Pause For Applause
  • Encourage The Heart (sample description pdf)
  • Building A Culture of Appreciation
  • In Pursuit Of A More Appreciative Workplace
  • Strengthening Teams & Relationships Through Appreciation
  • Hidden Value (sample description pdf)
  • Mining The Meaning In Everyday Life
  • Celebrate The Meaning In Everyday Life

Your Next Step:

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