Parking Lot


We’re taking the Pause message where the rubber hits the road – literally.

Here’s the challenge. In the US and Canada alone, we’ve got 60 opportunities to take Pause on the road – one for each state and province. Extend that across the world, and who knows how far we could go with this.

If you’ve been looking for a vanity plate that brings a valuable message to the world, this is it. Register Pause and send a photo of your plate to add to the Parking Lot.

If you see other great Pause related messages on license plates or bumper stickers, storefronts, or anywhere else at all, send along a photo, and we’ll add them to the collection.

Send along your sighting now.

Pause Cafe

Spotted in Squamish, BC enroute to Whistler.

Pause Cafe Paris - In the Marais

When I learned of a Pause Cafe in the Marais district of Paris, I just had to stop by for a visit. Plenty of pausing going on there.

Pause Cafe Menton France

It appears to be a popular name for a coffee shop. Photo of this Pause Cafe in Menton, Fr was forwarded by friend and colleague, Jeanne Martinson.

Pawsitiv License Plate from Pennsylvania

Loved this license plate from Pennsylvania!

Pause key on computer keyboard

Couldn’t we all use one of these on our computer keyboards?

Burn Candle Both Ends

And, how is this for the antithesis of Pause? Thanks, again, to Jeanne Martinson for passing this along.

Send along your sighting now.

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