‘Just Pause’ Tune

This tune, ‘Just Pause’, is the result of a most excellent collaborative adventure with singer / songwriter, Carrie Catherine.

Read ‘Diary of A Tune’ to learn how this song came to life.

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Carrie Pat Carrie Recording
Pat and Carrie celebrating Carrie recording

Diary Of A Tune

From the time I could talk, read and hold a pencil, words have been central to my life. Speeches, stories, poems, songs — you name it. If words are involved, I’m there!

In recent years, I’ve been thrilled each time one of my new books rolled off the press with my name on the cover. However, one of my wordy aspirations (currently #33 on my most recent wish list of life adventures, to be precise) continued to elude me. Until now!

That’s the desire to write a song that is recorded by a professional musician. Over the years, I’ve made attempts. Sent lyrics and tunes off to various artists — but no takers.

And so, when I had a chance to have a song written and recorded expressly for me, I jumped at it. And that, my friends, is how the tune, ‘Just Pause’, came to be playing in your ears.

Here’s the diary of a most excellent adventure.

August/07 — I find myself part of a focus group that includes a vibrant, accomplished singer/songwriter by the name of Carrie Catherine*. Brenda Baker*, a long time friend and accomplished musician herself, makes the introduction.

September — I attend the Midlife Madness Fantasy Charity Auction* sponsored by Family Service Saskatoon. On offer as part of the silent auction are the songwriting services of one Carrie Catherine. I’m delighted at the prospect. I bid, rebid, and hover to make sure my bid stays high and takes the prize. Success!

October — Carrie and I meet for a ‘getting to know you better’ cup of tea. We swap stories and life experiences, finding plenty of ways to connect. I share info about the Pauseworks initiative. We talk about making the Pause concept the focus of the song.

November — Ideas brew and concepts perk. We keep in touch. Life goes on. Carrie launches her new CD, Green Eyed Soul. I continue to deliver seminars and speak at conferences. Winter arrives.

December — We meet for lunch and another chat. Carrie invites me to partner with her in the songwriting process. I accept, with delight. We arrange to meet over mugs of steaming tea on a frosty Tuesday afternoon. Mission of the day: write the song.

Carrie brings an idea for a melody line and the first few words of the chorus. It’s the perfect starting point. Over the next couple of hours, in a lighthearted, graceful, flowing (could this be any easier) back and forth, give, take and giggle, Carrie strums and hums and together we craft two verses, a bridge, and a chorus.

I write up our words and feed them back, along with ideas for another verse. Carrie adjusts, adapts, and works her musical magic. She records the results on her iPod, and shares a first take of the tune. An early Christmas gift for me!

January/08 — Simmer time.

February — We book a date and take the melody and lyrics into the Audio Art Recording Studio*. Carrie lays down the instrumental in two takes, and the vocals in two, as well.

Recording engineer/producer, Neil Meckelborg, works his soundboard magic. In 90 minutes, the recording is over, the mixing is done, CDs are burned, hugs exchanged, photos taken, and success is toasted.

March — The ‘Just Pause’ tune is posted to the Pauseworks website. And now here you are enjoying the product of this creative journey.

So easy! So darned much fun! A most excellent collaboration! Thanks, Carrie, for making one more dream come true.
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