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PEP – ‘Pause Enhances Performance’ – The Program that Brings You 31 Days of Renewal

“An awareness of my need for a pause has decreased my stress level and increased my energy.” – PEP Learner

pepThe PEP objective is powerfully simple. PEP will lead you through the process of building more frequent pauses into your life so you can reap the many benefits of renewal:

  • Restore perspective and spirit
  • Bring depth and meaning to life
  • Access insight and wisdom
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Nourish creativity and innovation
  • Harvest learning
  • Renew health and energy
  • Sustain productivity and quality

Over a span of 31 days, you will receive 6 PEP modules delivered electronically. In addition to the Introductory and Wind Up modules, the four central modules focus on these key renewal concepts:

  • Shifting patterns & Micro Pauses
  • Capitalizing on contrasts & Mini Pauses
  • Profiling preferences & Maxi Pauses
  • Mining the depths & Macro Pauses

Each PEP Module delivers:

  • A backgrounder on that module’s key concepts.
  • Reflective questions and exercises that prompt valuable insights.
  • Specific action recommendations to move you forward.
  • A tracking sheet on which to chart your progress.
  • Links to related articles, references and resources.
  • A guide to harvest your learning.

You will need to set aside just 30 minutes to work through each module. That investment of time will return major dividends over the following week.

Not sure if you can commit to that tight a learning schedule? No problem. The timing is entirely flexible and self-directed. Although the modules will be delivered on a pre-determined schedule, you are free to expand the amount of time you spend with each module if you decide you would like more opportunities to work the learning into your practice.

Register now for PEP and build the power of pause into your life for less than a dollar a day (just $29.95).

As the program unfolds, you will receive additional valuable resources (equal to the value of the program itself) that will support your progress in restoring a rhythm of renewal. These bonus support items include:

  • A set of 12 colorful Printable Pause reminder cards (1.75 x 2″) to place strategically at work and at home.
  • A set of four colorful Printable Pause Posters (8.5 x 11″) to post on walls and bulletin boards.
  • A downloadable copy of the E-Booklet: Take A Break: 67 Ways To Pause When You Absolutely Positively Do Not Have The Time.

Register now for PEP and take full advantage of these free bonus learning supports.

Don’t take my word for the value of the program. Here’s how PEP program participants describe the impact of restoring a rhythm of renewal in their lives:

  • “An awareness of my need for a pause has decreased my stress level and increased my energy.”
  • “I’m more conscious of the need for a quick break and more inclined to take one as well.”
  • “I did notice a change in my own behavior when I took a few moments to change my focus, to stretch, to change my posture, to share a joke with my co-worker. Those pauses were a mini rejuvenation. I felt I answered my next call with a better tone in my voice – ready to help the next caller with their problem.”
  • “It made me realize I can get more work done after taking a break and being more relaxed.”
  • “I noticed that I was more approachable from my co-workers’ stand point. If I was de-stressed after a mini pause, I was more helpful, more likely to work as a team member, and more likely not to stress out about their requests or further time demands.”
  • “It made me realize the importance of taking time for unplanned, unstructured and unrelated work activity, to help rejuvenate my energy.”

Register now for PEP and let Pause Enhance Performance in your life.

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