Boost Energy

Programming to build capacity, minimize stress, and enhance performance by exploring the art of renewal. This is for you if you’re tackling issues like these: overload, overwhelm, work- life balance, stress, wellness, well-being, productivity, energy management, renewal.

Today’s super-sized demands and supersonic pace take a heavy toll.Overloading drains energy, saps productivity, cripples capacity, and poisons relationships.  Fatigued and disengaged employees erode an organization’s bottom line while breaking the spirits of colleagues in the process. The Canadian HR Centre estimates this costs the North American economy more than $350 billion annually in lost productivity alone.

Strike the right balance and you reduce the impact of overload and overwhelm while increasing productivity and engagement. Rightloading™ engages minds, encourages hearts, energizes bodies, and builds spirit.

Lead the way in your organization. Balance that relentless press for performance with strategic pauses for renewal. Make smarter choices about how you and your people carry, view, and address the load.

Press pause…think again – for sanity, satisfaction and success.

Key Concepts

  • The Biz Case For Renewal – why it matters and why balancing the load is a shared responsibility
  • Rebalancing The Load  – re-energize by partnering strategic pauses with consistent investments in the key arenas of renewal
  • Redefining The Load  – link to the larger purpose while challenging the  discretionary burdens that weigh people down
  • Resetting The Load  – create more manageable expectations by getting real about capacity, taming technology, and springing the acceleration trap

Available Formats:

This programming is available in varied formats to fit your needs: a keynote, a keynote with accompanying concurrent session, a half or full day seminar, or as part of a retreat program.

Frequently Used Titles & Subtitles:

  • Take A Break & Get A Grip
  • Ease The Load & Lead The Way
  • Renewing Energy & Commitment In The Workplace
  • Life Balance Leadership
  • Press Pause…Press On
  • Pause For Renewal
  • Springing The Acceleration Trap

Your Next Step:

Call me (877-728-5289) or email me. Let’s set up a time for us to chat about what you need and how I can help. I’m excited about working with you and your people to build capacity, minimize stress, and enhance performance.

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