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Mining Life’s Experiences

The more attentive we are to the events of our lives, the richer the potential in mining for meaning. As I reflected on themes around my recent adventures in art, I found myself seeing more than a few of my life experiences with fresh eyes. Reflecting on some of your everyday experiences might prove rewarding for you as well.

If you’ve been following my recent posts on social media (Facebook and Instagram), you may have caught one or more of the ten brief videos vignettes in which I shared some of the experiences and inspirations that gave rise to the ‘Care For A Cuppa’ exhibition and the Café Series in general.

The series touched on all of these themes:  hospitality, contribution, community, relationship, connection, contemplation, beauty and creativity.

The entire series of vignettes has now been combined into this composite video along with a selection of the paintings from the show. If you are so inclined, I invite you to grab a cuppa your favorite beverage, press play, and reflect on your own life experiences connecting with self and others over a mug of coffee or a cup of tea.

If you haven’t yet seen the ‘Care For A Cuppa’ exhibition which has been featured through the fall at City Perks Coffeehouse in Saskatoon, this link will allow you to browse the individual works virtually and enjoy a virtual video tour of the show online at the Pauseworks Studio website.


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2 Responses to “Mining Life’s Experiences”

  1. Sheila

    Good morning Pat,

    Just dropping a few lines to say how much I enjoyed listening to your video explaining your ‘Care for a Cuppa’ series. Your paintings are beautiful and they certainly evoke all those life experiences that we all enjoy over our favourite hot beverage. I’m happy to say that we also gather with friends on a regular basis just to catch up over coffee and dessert. Like you, I also have a few favourite cups that I enjoy my morning tea in 🙂 Sending best wishes your way for a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Pat Katz

    Hi Sheila. Lovely to hear from you. I’m so glad you enjoyed the Backstory video. It was fun for me to explore more of the roots of inspiration for this body of work and to share it with you and others. Keep on enjoying those moments of connection and your favorite cups, too. All the best, Pat

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