Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiago?

Fred's Orchids-w-tallWell, I don’t know about Carmen, but Dave and I are still here in Saskatoon. Tuesday evening’s Calgary-London flight was cancelled, and although skies now appear to be opening over Europe, it would be another 4-5 days before we could get rebooked seats out.

Dave and I have decided to step off the volcanic roller coaster. We have cancelled our London/Paris vacation plans in favor of future more settled timing.

I have rebooked my flight for May 3 to arrive in Lisbon just in time to join the Portugal/ Spain/ Morocco painting tour group for what was to be the last part of the adventure. Hopefully that will still go forward. We’re in the process of dismantling all other reservations – and then we’re going to take the rest of the week off.

While we’ve been twiddling our thumbs and watching the skies, I’ve also been painting. Why not? Here’s a wee bit from the brushes.

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2 Responses to “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiago?”

  1. Linda Epstein

    Hi Pat,

    My sister just got back after being stuck in Amsterdam since Thursday.

    Sorry your plans got side-lined, but it seems that you have filled that time beautifully. I love the painting.

    Good luck on the rest of your plans,


  2. Linda Clark

    I am sure you are disappointed, but you are definitely inspired. I love the painting….enjoy the tour in May….take care and be safe!

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