Strolling Saint Remy de Provence

There’s nothing like a few hours spent with the paint brush recapturing the atmosphere of a Sweet September evening in Provencale France to spirit one away from the January snows of Saskatchewan.

As I recall, we strolled down Boulevard Marceau in St Remy de Provence past Espace Anikado just as the sun was dropping to the horizon. There was plenty of time to soak up the sites as we were really going nowhere in particular – just putting in time before the hour of our dinner reservation rolled around.

The Europeans eat later in the evening than we do here on the Canadian prairies. Perhaps it’s for just this reason – to give themselves the space of grace to relax and stroll the street, window shopping and people watching, in anticipation of a leisurely hour or two at table.

As I write this, I see the weather forecast for tomorrow in St Remy is sunny and 10 degrees Celsius. Perfect conditions for a stroll before dinner. Hmmm… certainly gives one pause.

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  1. esr

    Thanks for this glimpse of beauty Pat!
    Perhaps when I arrive home – hopefully without freezing! – I will pour a glass of wine and picture myself en Provence….

    Seriously, when will there be a public exhibit of your artwork? I am definitely a fan and such talent should be honored. What lovely work…it inspires me to sign up for a water color class….presuming I can discover any talent in this area that is! Cheers and keep warm.

  2. Corinne & Natascha

    Lovely! Happy sketching – glad you were able to make it back to St Remy and enjoy this cute little town of artists and writers. Wish you were coming to Portugal, Spain and Morocco with us – stunning views await us! Bisous, Corinne

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