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In April of this year, I took a painting class from watercolor artist, Judi Whitton, in the Cotswolds area of England. The weather was outstanding – one of the warmest pre-Easter weeks on record for that part of the world. And the scenery is superb. Every time you turned around – an interesting vista, an engaging building, a painting in the making. Here are several of the images that I captured on my visit.


The first image is Brook House in South Cerney – the village where the class was held. This home was just next door to the town hall which was home base for us for the week. Most every house in the Cotswolds has a name – not just a number. What a cool way of honoring the geography and those who came before. Must drive pizza delivery guys crazy!


The second image is from the Cisely Hill neighborhood in Cirencester.

The vine crawling up and across the front of this home is a wisteria.

We were just a shade too early to see it in full bloom.

Although we got a taste of what that might be like as the wisteria on the house across on the sunny side of the street was spectacular.

Picture purple and lilac blossoms draped generously across the cotswold stone.


The third image was painted on a sunny Sunday afternoon in London.

This building is on the edge of Kensington Gardens in Hyde Park.

We had just strolled the open air art market on Bayswater Road, admiring the paintings on offer, chatting with the artists, and picking up a couple of sweet petite watercolor treasures to bring home with us.

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