Our Trip So Far

Suitcases-wHere’s the only photo I’ve taken on our trip so far. Suitcases packed and on standby at our front door.

Our departure was aborted Thursday with the flare up of the Icelandic volcano. We and the suitcases made it as far as the Saskatoon airport where we were turned back to cool our hoofies until the skies clear.

Rebooked for departure on Tuesday, but no guarantees. Not a disaster, but certainly a disappointment!


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  1. Barbara

    I’ve been thinking about you since Wednesday knowing your departure was imminent. Hope you’re making the most of your unplanned time at home!

    I’m doing a presentation for NSA-AZ (1.25 hours) this June. How cool is that?

    Fingers crossed for a Tuesday departure . . .

  2. Corinne

    Yes, after sooooo much anticipation for months, it is a huge diappointment. However, you do have your own comfy bed to sleep in tonight unlike the thousands of passengers simply stuck in the airports. Lineups for car rentals, trains, hotels are impossible. We were lucky as Tomas came in on Lan from Chile (seems the flight to the south are okay), however my flight from Madrid to Lyon was cancelled and after a few frustrating moments I managed to get a train to Barcelona and a car from there to the Mas (the trains in France are also on interruptive strike). I made sure that I didn’t have to rush away so booked this all to happen tomorrow. Tomas and Tascha went on their way to Granada and I had a lovely day in Madrid – sun broke out and the spirit is one of spring – bright yellow tulips in the gardens around the Prado. A lovely surprise was a free art exhibition including 15 Monets just behind my hotel and a little tapas bar called Carpe Diem. I am going to eat there after I get all my work done.
    Just be lucky the photo of your suitcases is in your comfy home and not an airport!

    I am sure things will work out for you to make the voyage, just a test of Patience.
    Buen viaje, once you are on your way. See you in Lisbon! Corinne

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