Noted In Spain

We made two stops in Spain – Toro and Madrid. Toro is an older village in north western part of the country. We stayed in the old town at the Juan II with great views of the Rio Douro valley and the Collegiata. It was dang cold there – unusually so, apparently. Experienced lots of cloud, rain, fog and a bit of hail – as well as snow in the mountains on the way from Toro to Madrid.

Still I did learn that it is possible to paint in the cold – just bundle yourself up in a blanket on the balcony and be prepared to zip back indoors when it starts to spit.

Spanish Girl in CostumeWarmer weather in Madrid. Big celebration while we were there. The birthday of the city’s patron saint as well as the 100th anniversary of the Grand Via – one of Madrid’s main boulevards. First time I’ve seen a street paved in royal blue carpet for blocks and blocks. A very festive mood.

As for what I noted in Madrid:

– fashionable women – great boots and leather jackets

– many women and children in national costume in honor of the holiday

– lots of folks visiting in wine bars – standing while chatting and enjoying the tapis

Madrid Tower– sculptures and decorative bits on the tops of building after building – an unbelievable degree of decoration

– beautiful ironwork balconies, light fixtures

– dark arts at the Prado – Goya, El Greco, Velasquez – those fellows had some very dark days indeed

And now off to sample the offerings in Marrakech, Morocco.

Expect that my burnt sienna paint will get a pretty good workout on those terra cotta buildings.


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