Dreams Of Italy

What better way to wile away a few hours on a cold Saskatchewan winter evening than by painting up a little main street Venice.

This painting: The Grand Canal – Waiting For The Gondoliers.

Artwork, Travel

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  1. Corinne & Natascha

    Hey Way to go Pat – you are getting good! I love your free style.

    We have had to cancel the Workshop Artist Tour of Spain, Portugal and Morocco this year – just couldn’t swing it with 11 participants. However we offering it in the spring of 2010 so keep it in mind – it is a wonderful tour – maybe even better than France! Although how could that be! Take care, Corinne

  2. Linda Clark

    I haven’t been to Venice since the late 1970’s, but tell everyone that if I ever get back, I only need a one way ticket, because I won’t be leaving. One of the most wonderful places in the world for sure. Thank you for sharing your talent and a touch of Venice.

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