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Starting The New Year With A Deal On Publications

I need more storage space for new works of art and that means I’m squeezed on inventory space for publications. That’s good news for you!

Press Pause … Press OnPress Pause … Think Again Cover Image


I’m starting the new year with special ‘clear the storeroom’ offers on these publications.

You can purchase any quantity of my two books (Press Pause…Press On or Press Pause…Think Again) for $5 each (normally $20).


And you can order any quantity of the Take A Bow booklets for $1 each (normally $7).  I’ll pay the tax and you pay the postage.

These publications are a great way to express your appreciation for those who have worked so hard during the pandemic of 2020 and to lift the spirits of those whom you’d like to encourage in the months that lie ahead.

To take advantage of this inventory reduction offer, contact me directly with your requests (via email at and I’ll be in touch about the details.

If you need more background info on any of the publications drop in to the Pause Shop for a look see and sample excerpts.

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