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PAUSE – Pause Gem #9- Lift Up Your Eyes

REFLECTION & ACTION: The motto of the University of Calgary (where I studied for my master’s degree in continuing education) is “Mo shuiles togam suas.” It’s a Gaelic phrase taken from one of the psalms. Translated, it means: “I will lift up my eyes.” What an inspired call to action!


My seminar participants tell me their overloaded days are often spent with their heads down-not eyes up. With their noses to the grindstone preoccupied with tasks and details, they wade their way through each day’s responsibilities, always fretting about the details.


If that’s true for you, try shifting that practice just a smidge. As you move through your day, take a moment here and there to lift up your eyes. Step out of the car-lift up your eyes. Step out of a meeting-life up your eyes. Tune in to the bigger picture and the reason you are about to pursue the tasks at hand. You’ll find a broader, higher, deeper purpose.


Real estate agents aren’t just brokering cash and property; they’re helping people make a home. Nurses aren’t just checking blood pressure; they’re helping someone live a long and healthy life. I’m not just writing tips and sharing tools; I’m helping people find perspective and experience peace of mind.


Research in time-management effectiveness shows that the more clear that individuals and organizations are about their purposes the easier it is for them to focus on their priorities. The greatest returns lie in wrestling down the answers to those big, important, underlying questions of values and direction.


What larger purpose do you see when you pause to lift up your eyes?




“Strong reasons make strong actions.”  – William Shakespeare


“If you must live an unexamined life, please don’t inflict it on others.”  – Parker J. Palmer




“People want easy tips on how to better organize their work or home lives. As a result, day planners and systems become the focus. Sometimes what they really need is to reflect on the real priorities and ‘why.’ If you clarify values, you can clean up your to-do list. Yet more people will seek the help of a to-do technician than a values coach.” – Doug G.


“I take time to pause during the day by purposely watching my screensaver on my computer for a few minutes. I have photos of my family on it. This reminds me of my priorities in my life and helps me focus on what’s important.” – Lisa T

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