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PAUSE – 9.23 – Taking A Break

REPRINT OPPORTUNITY: Wow, have these been popular! It’s only taken four months to sell out the most recent print run of two thousand Take A Break booklets. I will be reprinting ‘TAB – 67 Ways To Pause When You Absolutely Positively Do Not Have The Time’ again in the next couple of weeks. 

These booklets are being used by clients for: conference and event give-aways, corporate wellness initiatives, orientation packages for new employees, EFAP libraries, coffee room reading, and gifts for clients, staff and colleagues. See Reader Writes below for one individual’s testimonial to the value of the Take A Break booklets.

At this time of reprinting, I’m delighted to once again offer specially reduced pricing for quantity orders with your corporate message imprinted on the front cover. See this two page pdf (  ) for a look at the cover with sample imprint, and for custom pricing info on orders. Fax your order form to (306-242-0795) if you are interested in putting these great ideas in the hands of people who matter most in your world.

REFLECTION: I can’t say that I’m much of a fan of Twitter – the on-line instant text service with a per message limit of 140 characters. It seems to me that we have more than enough interruptions in our everyday lives already. However, I recently stumbled across a reference to a twitter service that I can actually see having some merit.

Twittercize is a service that posts hourly micro exercise ideas. Here’s a recent sample of postings:

* Divine Intervention: Straighten your back, lift your hands to the sky, look up, and give a good stretch! Relax for 30 seconds–hallelujah!

* Long Distance Flamingos: Stand on one leg for 20 seconds, switch! Build balance and strength while on the phone!

* PumpJacks: Standing, lock hands behind your back. Bend forward at the hips and push your hands to the sky–repeat 20 times!

Can reminders like Twittercize make a difference in health and well-being? You bet. A 16 week study reported in the June issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows that regular reminders partnered with individually tailored small step goals, helped individuals increase their level of physical activity (and make healthier food choices).  Those positive changes in behavior continued even months after the study ended.

Now I feel even more strongly about the value of providing these weekly reminders to press pause…and think again. 🙂

ACTION: How might you find a way to remind yourself to pause and put a little more intermittent action and movement into an otherwise sedentary day?

* Twittercize might do it for you. 

* Setting the alarm on your blackberry, calendar program or PDA might do it for you. 

* Posting wildly colored sticki notes that say ‘Move’ might do it for you. 

* Forming an alliance with another desk or chair bound buddy, in which you take turns inviting each other to take five for a workplace walk, might do it, too.

Whatever it takes, taking an exercise break will most certainly be worth your while.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Between the great things we cannot do and the small things we will not do, the danger is that we shall do nothing.” – Adolph Monod

RESOURCE OF THE WEEK: Find out more about Twittercize at:

READERS WRITE: Debbie Goeseels, Director of Claresholm & District Family & Community Support Services, writes:  

Last week, at our Provincial Director’s Network Conference, I gave away the last of the Take A Break booklets (67 Ways To Pause), that we ordered from you last year. It was very appropriate for FCSS staff to receive the books as a gift in their conference bags. They’re some of the busiest and hardest working folks I know!

We ordered the larger quantity of the Pause booklets when you were reprinting and I remembered thinking it would take me three years to give them all away!  However, we gave them as gifts for volunteer appreciation last year, and then put a few in gifts for board members and staff. Our supply dwindled gradually but surely. 

I want to let you know how much I have enjoyed having the books on hand for those occasions. They are appropriate for anyone who is busy and especially great to give to those who give extra by volunteering.  I often recommend your website to others and will look again myself next time I need to order promotional items. Still enjoying your weekly e-zine too……….keep up the great work!

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