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PAUSE – 9.11 – Taking Care Of Business

REFLECTION: A recent survey of 956 employed Canadians commissioned by ADP and conducted by Environics found that one in five Canadians are working harder than ever, skipping lunch, and putting in longer hours just to keep up. 

The survey also found that four in ten employees, who are putting in extra hours but not being compensated, are finding creative ways to reward themselves: leaving early, working at a more leisurely pace, faking being sick, taking longer lunch breaks, arriving late, etc. The survey calls these behaviors self-remuneration. 

I firmly believe that finding ways to take care of ourselves in the midst of the busyness is a healthy approach at any time. I call that self-preservation. That said, I’m neither a supporter nor advocate of lies and deception – like faking illness or taking advantage. 

Still, sometimes all may not be as it seems. Arriving late could be connected to having worked three nights running on a project and nabbing an extra hour’s sleep on the morning in question. Or an employee may have spent a morning hour or two working on a priority elsewhere without interruptions before coming to the office to face email and phones. 

It could be that a longer lunch break allows time for a bit of fresh air and exercise. That means the employee returns to work more refreshed for the afternoon. Would you classify that extra half hour as shortchanging the employer or safeguarding the employer’s assets?

ACTION: The real test of productivity is not about face time expended nor clocks punched. Real productivity is measured by missions accomplished and capacity sustained. It’s tough to muster or master missions from a state of exhaustion.

Regular self care builds and safeguards productivity – translating into stronger results like healthier individuals, healthier organizations, and healthier outcomes.  The relationship is even more important to keep in mind during stressful, demanding times.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Invest a few moments in thinking. It will pay good interest.” – Author Unknown

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READERS WRITE: A large number of Pause readers replied to last week’s message titled, Risky Business. There were so many thoughtful comments on how to handle the situation with the reluctant employee and the procrastinating boss, that I’ve posted many of them to my Pause Blog. You can read them at:

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