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PAUSE -8.38- Permission To Pause

REFLECTION:  In my work with clients to reduce the impact of overload and overwhelm in their lives and workplaces, I’ve noticed how easily those quick fix responses to constant pressures become the daily MO (modus operandi).

Many of those expedient choices work against long term goals like personal and organizational health, productivity and sustainability.

Pausing to be more thoughtful about our choices and actions is a first step in short-circuiting that disconnect.

Sadly, permission to pause is often absent. To get at the root of this problem, I often ask groups to identify what keeps them on the run and prevents them from pausing.

You could probably create a pretty lively list of the forces of frenzy on your own. If I were to peek over your shoulder as you made your list, I’m guessing I might see one or more of the following:

*  I love what I do (probably the best possible reason for flat out action).

*  I still have work to do.

*  Deadlines are looming.

*  I might let people down.

*  My productivity will suffer.

*  Someone will get ahead of me.

*  I have no choice – no control; it’s just the way things are.

I was surprised in a recent retreat session, when one individual answered this question with a look of surprise saying, “Why don’t I pause more often? No one ever told me I could!”

ACTION:  Well, sheesh, THAT problem is easily solved.

If you need it in writing, know by this that you have Permission To Pause and to make PTP part of your daily MO.

In fact, spread the gift around. Nab a few index cards, or a couple of sheets of paper. Take a brightly colored marker and jot down the phrase: Permission To Pause.

Post your reminders where you and others will benefit most from the message. Hand them around to folks in need.

In the midst of the frenzy, reminders matter.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  “Every day of our lives we are on the verge of making those slight changes that would make all the difference.” – Mignon McLaughlin

RESOURCE OF THE WEEK:  If you’d like something a bit more engaging than your own handwritten reminders, check out the downloadable Pause Poster series available in the Pause Shop at:

Great reminders for the overloaded workplace!

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  1. Linda Epstein

    Dear Pat:

    I gave myself Permission to Pause when I retired.

    That doesn’t mean that I’m not busy. In fact, I do still have my frantic days…but they are fewer and farther between, and I am able to make choices about what I will or won’t do.

    I’m so lucky…and that has made a huge difference in my life!

    Best of the season,


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