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PAUSE – 17.15 – Another Way To Look At Things

Reflection: My husband and I were lucky enough to be able to get away this fall for a European travel adventure. On our return, I found myself feeling a little behind and a wee bit stressed. Adrenalin pumping – cortisol rising. I was thinking about all the business related tasks that were put on hold. I was worried about projects not begun; and so, obviously, not advanced.

Maybe this happens to you, too. You compare yourself or your situation to the performance of others or to your own high expectations. You find yourself fretting about falling behind and getting ahead. “I should be there by now, and instead I’m here!”

At times like this, I’ve learned to call on my wiser, smarter self for advice. You’ve got one of those mentors, too. Your voice of reason and perspective – the part of you that takes a long view on life and refuses to get bent out of shape unnecessarily.

Here’s what mine had to say to me.

  • Who says your life’s a race? You can only move ahead or fall behind if there’s a competition.
  • Even if you decide it is a race, you get to decide who drives the pace car. You don’t have to hand over the keys to your slave-driving maniac.
  • While you were away, did you enjoy yourself? Did you share a few adventures and create a few new memories to carry down the road? Did you renew your body and soul? Are you coming back to work and life refreshed and re-energized? Yes? Well then, that’s time well spent, not time sorely wasted.


Action: Far too often, we amp up our stress by how we think and what we say to ourselves.

The next time you find your stress levels rising, pause, step back and tap into your very own voice of compassion and kindness – the one that remembers to look to the long view to maintain a healthy perspective.

Treat yourself to the same caring advice and support you might extend to others. And, as the war time Brits used to say, calm down and carry on.


Quotes Of The Week: What if you accepted this moment, and everything and everyone in it, as exactly enough? – Marc Chernoff

How about a pat on the back for what we did well instead of admonishing ourselves for what didn’t get done? – Sam Horn


Resource Of The Week: I really appreciated this essay by Marc Chernoff, in which he focuses on the positive impact of simply being contented with what is in front of you at the moment and letting it be enough – without having to do anything more about it, including sharing it, photographing it, or uploading it online.

It made me think and it just might make you think, too. Click here to read One Reality To Accept Before You Can Live Your Best Life.


Readers Write: In response to the recent message, ‘What Motivator Will Bring You More Of What You Want?’, Pause reader ME writes: Great message.  We so often believe we don’t have the time to do certain things…until we make it a priority.  I needed to hear this as I haven’t been finding the time to exercise enough lately.


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