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PAUSE – 16.28 – How To Loosen Up & Lighten Up



My Thoughts:

 I wrote this message on November 14 in honor of ‘Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day’. (Thanks to my perennially good humored friend, Michael Kerr, for bringing these special days to our attention.)

A number of recent events (your list here…) might have prompted you to do just the opposite – to tighten up, flip out, or tilt to the dark side.

What if we could find a few ways to loosen our grip and lighten our mood? Well, here’s a handful of starter actions to lead you down that road:

  • Rethink whether the ‘concern du jour’ truly belongs in the Life or Death category – or perhaps not quite so much.
  • Get curious, and ask yourself whether there might be a different way of thinking about the situation.
  • In the face of the challenge, share a smile or a laugh, or extend an invitation to play.
  • List three things (or more) that seem to still be going pretty well.
  • Remind yourself that you’ve made it through rough times before and will do so again.


Your Thoughts:

Which action will you take to loosen up and lighten up your world?



It’s Back…

The Engagement Series rides again. I’m partnering once more with the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan to deliver a winter offering of the popular Engagement Series.

Sessions include :

  • Fueling Enthusiasm (Jan 19)
  • Boosting Energy (Feb 16)
  • Tapping Passion (Mar 16)

Sign up for one or save by registering for all three. Last year, many organizations registered several attendees to help bring the learning back to the workplace. Sessions sold out for the inaugural offering, so don’t delay.

This link takes you to the Engagement Series details and registration link. Hope to see you there!


Last Call…

For the last two weeks (in honor of the Precious Moments Pause message), I invited you to share photos of your special sights and scenes. Thanks to those who already sent along their contributions. They’re delightful!

You still have a couple of days to take a fresh photo or dig a few images from your personal archives and send them along. Images received by November 18th will be rolled into a ‘Moments’ slide show/video to share with all of you.

Send your pics to with the subject line: “Moments”. Can’t wait to see what gives you pause!


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