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PAUSE – 15.33 – Not Every Task Is Yours To Do

don't have to do what evrybody is doing

My Thoughts:

Peer pressure can be a formidable force through childhood and the teen years. And, it continues to be a presence as we move into our careers and through our adult lives.

As colleagues deliver webinars, package on-line learning, crank out manifestos and e-books, and travel hundreds of thousands of miles a year … I find myself pressed to join in the frenzy.

Then I remember to listen to the voice of my own longings, and realize that I don’t really want to do all those things. I remind myself that I can pick and choose the ones that fit, and let the rest flow by. Not every task is mine to do.


Your Thoughts:

Are there things you find yourself grasping for that you know at your core you don’t really want?  Could you make a different choice?


News Notes:

Just a reminder that in recent years I’ve published a number of books and booklets that offer ideas for a ‘better way’.

  • Better ways to bring more satisfaction and sanity to life.
  • Better ways to renew and re-energize.
  • Better ways to create a more appreciative experience at work and beyond.

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  • Take A Break – 67 Ways to Pause When You Absolutely Positively Do Not Have The Time
  • Take A Bow – 67 Ways to Pause For Applause, Celebrate Your Success & Keep Your Spirits High

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