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PAUSE – 15.17 – Likely More Weary Than Lazy

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My Thoughts:

This is such a compassionate message. So often, I talk with people who do and have been doing such great things.

Yet they often say they are falling short of their ideal performance and not living up to their own expectations – much less the expectations of others.

Could it be, as Burchard suggests, sometimes we are simply tired? Worn out from pushing and pressing so hard for so long?

Or perhaps we’ve grown weary from going through the motions of life’s old familiar routines, and are just a tad too worn down to even consider something new?


Your Thoughts:

What would you need to change to create a bit more downtime – a few minutes to put your feet up and your guard down, to take a nap, or enjoy an extra half hour of sleep?

What kind of dreams or pursuits might you have shunted to the side in the service of life’s busyness?


News Notes:

I’m continuing to work on developing programming on the subject of malaise. Here are two bits of news for you on this front.

First of all, I’m working on developing titles for a keynote and workshop on malaise. I’ve come up with some possible title phrases, and am testing reactions. I’d love to hear your opinion on this.

To that end, I’ve created a one question Malaise Title Survey that asks you to check off the phrases that appeal, as well give you a space for any alternate suggestions. Please take a minute to weigh in and help me christen this work with the robust name it deserves.

Secondly, I’ve created a one page Summary Of Early Findings. It recaps the results from the multiple choice questions. That was the easy part of the analysis.

The more complicated part continues – a review of the 501 responses to the open ended questions. I’m hoping to have a summary of those results to share in a couple of weeks.

I’ll continue to keep you posted as developments unfold.

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