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PAUSE – 14.38 – What’s It Take To Feel In Charge?

Pile of Books-wReflection: For several decades now I’ve been a student of productivity, effectiveness, balance and other things related to living ‘the good life’. As you may have noticed, there is no shortage of info on this topic.

Each time I hear about a new book in this area or see a magazine with a related article, I find myself drawn to check it out. I’m always hoping that there might be a new technique, a new idea, a new strategy– an insider secret that would be helpful to me that I could share with you.

At this point in my research I often find myself more disappointed than delighted. New expressions of longstanding ideas is often the best I can find.

And that leads me to consider that what we need may not be more information, but more execution. We need to act on what we already know pays off. And that thought led me to consider, ‘What is it that works?’


Action: To boil down 30 years of digging around in this area, here is my shortlist legacy of learnings about leading a productive, balanced and meaningful life. I could expand on each (and I may yet), but for today I’ll keep it short and sweet.

  1. Give yourself permission to take charge of your life and your choices.
  2. Reflect on what really matters most to you – not just today but over a lifetime.
  3. Pay attention to what you feel called to do and why.
  4. Choose and prioritize based on that long view and your vision.
  5. Focus your energy and use your best skills in support of what has meaning.
  6. Protect your time, energy and attention from distraction.
  7. Pause regularly to renew, recalibrate and celebrate progress.

Is there, you may ask, an app for that?

Indeed there is. It is called T ‘n’ C – Thoughtfulness ‘n’ Courage.

Download at will. No wi fi or electronic devices required.


Quote Of The Week: Stillness is the foundation of understanding and insight. Stillness is strength. – Thich Nhat Hanh


Resource Of The Week: You’re it! The resource of the week, that is! No article, book, Ted Talk or web link for you today. Just a suggestion that you pour yourself a mug of coffee, cup of tea, or a glass of wine and take some time to think about how the practices that appear on the Legacy List are playing out in your life and world.


Readers Write: In response to last week’s message, Good Health Nothing To Sneeze At, Pause reader MK writes: I had a bad accident resulting in a broken hip. What a shock and life changer. Due to the fact I had always taken good care of myself and was in good shape, I was told I would bounce back really quickly. I went through endless physio and lots of determination on my part, and am ecstatic to say that I am in as good if not better strength and wellness as prior to my accident. Each morning when I get out of bed I say thank you for being able to do this by myself because several months ago I needed someone to help me. There is nothing better than your independence and health.


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2 Responses to “PAUSE – 14.38 – What’s It Take To Feel In Charge?”

  1. Sharon

    How timely your post is I am also a student of self improvement. I find myself constantly searching for those inspiring books quotes blogs and websites. The other day I also suddenly realized it is just time to GET ON WITH IT. There is so much I know and feel and so much of it that is already a daily part of my life that it is time to trust myself and just live all that I know.

  2. Pat Katz

    Isn’t that the truth? Own it and live it!

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