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PAUSE – 14.29 – What Can You Learn From A Toddler On Overload?

Leon & Hat-wReflection: In recent months, I’ve really enjoyed spending time with my youngest grandson who is now closing in on two years of age.

And, in the way of grandparents everywhere, I must tell you that he is the sweetest, smartest, cutest little guy you’ll ever meet … until he’s over-tired.

  • When weariness strikes, he grows unsteady on his feet, zigging and zagging like a drunken sailor. (BTW, how did sailors get such a bad rap anyway?)
  • He moves from diversion to diversion, not settling in to play with anything for more than a few seconds at a time.
  • Small events that are mildly amusing become maniacally hilarious.
  • Problems that are minor frustrations trigger major meltdowns.
  • When everyone else can see that what he needs most is a rest, he resists – refusing to go willingly into that good night.

Of course, he’s just starting to discover his emotions, to learn what he needs, and to figure out how to soothe himself when he’s upset. He’s a long way from understanding that a break or a nap or a good night’s sleep might be a good idea.

He’s not alone. There are many of us who left our childhood in the dust decades ago who are still learning these things. We struggle to come to terms with our emotions. We over-react in ways that are totally out of proportion to a triggering event. We keep pushing, pushing, pushing despite body messages to the contrary.


Action: So what might we learn from the little guy’s experience? Basically, how important it is to tune in to what your body and behavior are telling you.

  • Have trouble focusing on one thing?
  • Find yourself jumping from task to task?
  • Over-react to situations that you would normally take in your stride?
  • Feel unsteady in your movements, or ‘beside yourself’ for no apparent reason?

Chances are good that you, too, could use a break, a rest, a time-out to settle your mind and steady your body.

When you invest in your own renewal, you create more peace of mind for yourself and cause less havoc for everyone around you.


Quote Of The Week: There’s no ease and there’s no grace, when there’s no rhythm to the pace. – Patricia Katz


Resource Of The Week: Here’s a poster message about the value of building the rhythm of renewal into your daily life and work – of balancing pressing for performance with pausing for renewal. Download your  Ease and Grace pdf poster now. Post it where it will remind you and others to keep a more reasonable pace for an easier ride.


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