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PAUSE – 14.27 – Is Speed Truly The Holy Grail Of Happiness?

Kapasiwin Kabin border-wReflection: We’ve become far too accustomed to stuffing our days from end to end with task after task, trying to accomplish as much as possible as quickly as possible.

We latch on to shortcuts as if they might lead us to the holy grail of happiness. We grab fast food and we leave quick notes. We ask quick questions. We share quick hugs, and we send quick texts.

We literally cut ourselves and each other to the quick as we speed off to…what? What, exactly, are we trying to make of our lives? Where are we headed at such a breakneck pace? And what do we end up experiencing along the way?

Consider for just a moment, what might happen if every once in a while you:

  • Ditched the short cut in favor of taking the long way home? (Maybe even pulled over to the side of the road to watch a few geese fly over or a few autumn leaves dance down the street?)
  • Showed up five minutes early at a business meeting or stayed five minutes longer to share a visit with a colleague or two?
  • Dropped to the floor to join your kids in a game before starting supper?
  • Sank into the pages of a book instead of frantically surfing the net or feverishly scanning Facebook?
  • Or – hang on to your hat for this one – intentionally chose the check-out with the longest cue and stood calmly, peacefully, tech-lessly in line.

What exactly would happen – what could happen – if you gave yourself the simple luxury of a few unhurried moments?


Action: Slow…one…thing…down.

Settle into the experience.

Savor the moment.

Calm your body. Soothe your brain.

Take your foot of the gas and idle your engine.

Pause, breathe, enjoy!

Resume normal operations with a reset mindset at a sustainable pace.


Quotes Of The Week: Some day man will travel at the speed of light, of small interest to those of us still trying to catch up to the speed of time. – Robert Brault

For centuries, man believed that the sun revolves around the earth. Centuries later, he still thinks that time moves clockwise. – Robert Brault


Resource Of The Week: Here’s a helpful read from Don Joseph Goewey who will this month be releasing his new book, The End of Stress: The Starter Kit That Resets Your Brains Auto Pilot From Stressed To Stress-Free. 


Readers Write: In response to last week’s message, How Do YOU Cultivate Contentment, Pause reader LB writes: I, too, often feel that the summers are not long enough, and that I didn’t do much of what I wanted to do.  It is nice to feel that I am not alone in this sentiment!   It is a good reminder for me to look back and see what I did do, and feel the sense of peace that comes from thinking of what one has and what one has done rather the things one has missed!  Thanks for the reminder.

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2 Responses to “PAUSE – 14.27 – Is Speed Truly The Holy Grail Of Happiness?”

  1. Shannon

    I had to laugh when I read about picking the longest line. There’s something cathartic about speaking with a complete stranger who still cares enough to listen to you. Some of the best life lessons, and ideas I’ve ever heard were discovered in the grocery line.

  2. Pat Katz

    Isn’t that the truth? I had a great time in conversation with a WestJet online booking agent last night, and she with me. We both approached the conversation with a lightness of heart and great sense of humor. It made the transaction fun for both of us.

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