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PAUSE – 14.26 – How Do YOU Cultivate Contentment?

Tea & TunesReflection: Here it is the beginning of September, and I see Summer waving goodbye in the rearview mirror. I’m surprised at what seems like an early departure.

Despite the luxury of time that is July and August, there are so many things I didn’t accomplish. I didn’t go golfing or biking. In fact, the clubs and the bike are still hanging on the wall in the garage. I didn’t attend any events at Saskatoon’s Jazz Festival, Children’s Festival or the Fringe. I didn’t get the carpets cleaned or the fence replaced. And, I didn’t make my way through even half the books I’d hope to read.

I did, however, enjoy my morning walks along the river and lunches on the back deck. I shared some great visits with friends and family, and spent time with family who came here from away. I was tickled to spend several fun filled days with my seven-year-old grandson, Ethan. I sketched and painted and tended the garden.

I helped my Dad total up the grain he’d grown over a lifetime of farming and translated the bushels of wheat, durum and barley into loaves of bread, bowls of spaghetti and bottles of beer. (Amazing totals those!) I worked on the design for a new business offering and arranged for the second printing of my latest book.

Still, in the richness and muchness of life, it’s easy to feel like I haven’t done or been or given … enough. Maybe you feel that way, too!


Action:  As we leave Summer behind and move into the Fall, may you ease a few of those self-inflicted ‘must do- should do’ pressures in your world by treating yourself to a daily dose of contentment.

Here’s my latest everyday mantra for greater peace of mind:

Give what you have to give,

And let it be enough.

Rest in having done your best,

And leave it at that!

PS – Repeat as necessary.


Quote Of The Week: We make the world we find at home, at work, and at play. Today is mine to make. Let me choose my attitude with care. – Karen Casey


Resource Of The Week: Leo Barbauta offers insights and a handful of helpful strategies in this article: A Guide To Practical Contentment.


Readers Write: In response to the recent message, The Gift Of Stopping, Pause Reader SV writes: I broke my leg this spring slipping on some ice. I am making slow and steady progress but am definitely more tortoise than hare when it comes to getting places. This is not all bad. In fact, walking slowly has been a bit of a gift. I am way more intentional about each step I take and notice my surroundings much more than before this happened. I have typically been a person who gets impatient behind slow walkers in malls and on sidewalks, especially if they appear to be sauntering for no reason. As my recovery continues I know my walking will eventually speed up. I hope I continue to see the value in going slow, and appreciating the journey as much as the destination.


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