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PAUSE – 13.14 – Are You Minding The Gaps?

Reflection: How tightly crammed is your daily and weekly schedule? Are there gaps or just glimmers?

For years now, I’ve advocated in favor of white space. Time held free between meetings, commitments, and events that serve as a buffer in a busy life.

Meetings spill over, traffic jams, and a body’s got to eat sometime!

But buffers offer more than just a way to meet physical needs and stay on time. They give us room to breathe, and time to think.

Suppose you’ve just finished a meeting with a few members of your team. There’s merit in pausing to consider the ‘so what’ of the experience:

  • What do you need to do next as a result of the exchange?
  • What kind of coaching would help someone stay on track or grow in skill?
  • What does this new information mean for where you are headed?
  • What does it say about how far you’ve come?

In the absence of time to think about these things, in the pressure to race forward to what comes next, we lose our way. We also lose the opportunity to celebrate progress, shift direction, and build capacity.


Action: Place a high value on pausing for reflection. Make and take the time to think.

Block 10 or 15 minute buffers between events. Keep your intention front and center. Encourage others to do the same.

Reap the considerable rewards of a more considerate pace and a more considered experience.


Quote Of The Week: This space intentionally left blank. Jeff Weiner


Resource Of The Week: Today’s message inspired by this article from Jeff Weiner, CEO of Linkedin: The Importance of Scheduling Nothing.


Readers Write: In response to last week’s message, What’s New In Your World, Pause reader DC writes: Thanks for the wonderful link! I have watched it and forwarded to friends and family. They are just so cute. And, yes, if you just could go a quarter turn in your listening skills, you’d clearly understand what they are saying. Have an amazing day, I plan to do so!

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