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PAUSE – 12.22 – Let Go & Let Flow

Reflection: Have you ever tried to force the world (i.e – everything and everyone else) in your direction? That is, to plan, organize, coordinate, or coerce towards particular outcomes that you have in mind. Not infrequently, ‘the world’ has other ideas.

Over the years, I’ve learned that frustrating myself is not really a preferred state, and that there is an alternate approach called, ‘Let Go & Let Flow’. I was reminded how sweet an experience that can be on this summer’s Rocky Mountain adventure with my youngest daughter, Lindsay.

Back in April, we set the intention for a mother-daughter get away. We arranged three things: time on our calendars, childcare for her young son, and a cabin at Paradise Bungalows. As for the rest, we let it go and let it flow.

We had an awesome adventure as the world unfolded around us in the most serendipitous ways:

  • My oldest daughter and her husband returned from their summer vacation the day before we traveled through Calgary, providing a place to overnight and a chance to get caught up on their news.
  • West coast brother and sister in law were in Calgary for a wedding, and able to spring themselves from the festivities long enough to share a coffee and a visit while we were in town.
  • On our first day at Lake Louise, the sun shone on our hike up to Agnes Lake and during our rest at the Tea House at the top. Just moments after we returned to our cabin, the skies burst and the rain thundered down. By then we were in the mood for a hot soak and a nap accompanied by the soothing sounds of rain pounding on the roof (and, thankfully, not on our heads).
  • The Baker Creek Bistro re-opened the week of our visit and offered the most spectacular smoked trout pasta – and a bonus black bear sighting en route to dinner.
  • Despite the busyness of the August season in the Rockies, parking spots magically appeared every single time we needed one – without fail.

And so it went.

I can take no credit whatsoever for any of these lucky circumstances. All the planning in the world wouldn’t have guaranteed those outcomes. But resting in the possibilities of the moment and being willing to go with the flow made for an easy enjoyable journey.


Action: What are your hopes for your everyday journey through life – not just on summer vacation – but ‘back at the ranch’ at work and at home?

I’m hoping to carry some of the ‘Let Go and Let Flow’ lessons of summer ease into the fall. I invite you to join me in that approach by:

  • setting strong intentions,
  • making only the arrangements that are absolutely necessary, and
  • holding plans lightly as life unfolds around you.


Quotes Of The Week:

Be infinitely flexible and constantly amazed. – Jason Kravitz

If we are engaged and open, we will naturally know how to respond in the moment. This requires faith in flow, trust in ourselves, and committed intention – all fabulous qualities to deepen. – Liz Wiltzen

Be clear about your goal but be flexible about the process of achieving it. – Brian Tracy


Resource Of The Week: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (author of Finding Flow) is one of the world’s experts on the experience of flow. For a refresher on his ideas about this concept and how it applies to everyday work and life, see this archived article on Finding Flow from Psychology Today.


Readers Write: In response to an earlier message on Truth and Reconciliation, Pause reader, KS writes: Telling the truth in the workplace certainly does take courage. Peace and harmony will not always be the result. In fact you may get backlash that causes more tension than you could have ever anticipated. Due to their own insecurity some employers simply aren’t in a place yet where they can handle the truth. You need to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away…and you just might have to. Thanks for being a voice of truth, Pat

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