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PAUSE – 12.20 – Truth & Reconciliation

Reflection: What does the phrase, Truth and Reconciliation, mean to you? I’ve always associated the process with large-scale social issues. However, I’m beginning to see how it could apply to our attempts to create more balance in our everyday lives.

The concept first came to my attention (and maybe yours, too) during the mid ‘90s in news from South Africa. Over the course of several years, public and private hearings gave citizens a forum to air the truth and trauma of their experiences under the apartheid regime.

Here in Canada, a similar process is underway at this very moment, as First Nations people share the impact of their experiences with the residential school system.

In both cases, the intention is similar: to heal deep wounds and build a more inclusive, equitable, respectful future.

In our daily lives and workplaces, T&R might apply in situations like these. When we deceive ourselves by taking on more and more while pretending that the overload we carry is just fine, we bury a problem that can’t help but fester and explode. When we refuse to speak up about unrealistic expectations and timelines, we become complicit partners in maintaining a system that will eventually melt down. When we ignore negative feedback about troublesome behaviors, we set up our teams and our selves for discord and frustration.

At the core of all these situations lie kernels of truth. Without access to those truths, it is next to impossible to reconcile – to create balance, peace, harmony, acceptance or compatibility.


Action: Are there truths at the core of your daily experience that are not being spoken or heard? How could you find the strength to let them out or let them in? Who needs your help and encouragement to speak their truth?

The rebalancing that flows from any truth and reconciliation effort begins with each one of us finding the courage to be open to the process.


Quotes Of The Week: Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. – Buddha

In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same. – Albert Einstein


Resource Of The Week: Here’s an interesting article on Truth In The Workplace.


Readers Write: In response to last week’s message, Consider The Multiplier, Pause reader CB writes: Oh my goodness Pat, I LOVE your action plan in this newsletter.  It’s like a little piece of wisdom I’ve been waiting for my whole life!! I am going through a rather challenging time of change right now so I will definitely be putting things into this context and passing on this advice to everyone I care about.

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