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PAUSE – 12.08 – Lucky Day

REFLECTION: It’s bright and early Sunday morning, and four year old grandson is on the other end of the phone – brimming with enthusiasm and bubbling over with news.

“Guess what I’m having for breakfast? Toast with jam and TWO slices of cheese. Orange and white cheese – marble cheese. Marble, that’s funny! And, Mommy made me a Smoothie, too. It is SO good. And, you know what she bought yesterday at the grocery store? Cheese strings. THOSE are my favorite. And, I’m watching the Cat In The Hat video. And he’s bouncing on the bed. I like to do that, too. AND, I get to go swimming today! Budda (that’s what he calls me), I am having a VERY Lucky Day!”

That nonstop monologue turned MY groggy morning into a very Lucky Day. How can you NOT smile in the face of that kind of exuberance?

Enthusiasm is infectious. And if you have to come down with something, enthusiasm beats other viruses, hands down!

There’s no doubt, as adults, we have serious things to deal with. Yet, there are times when I know I complicate my life more than is necessary. Maybe you do, too.

What a wonderful insight from the realm of childhood – to be reminded that it is possible to light your fire with things as simple as a tasty morsel, a thoughtful gift, and an activity that is calling your name.


ACTION: What would it take for you to declare today a Lucky Day? Or what might it take to turn a ‘nothing special, run of the mill, just another square on the calendar’ into a Lucky Day for someone else.

PS – Excuse me, for a moment. I feel the urge to grab a cheese string and bounce on the bed! After all, today is a bonus Leap Year Day! Care to join in?


QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “I am blessed with countless possibilities and get to choose from a candy jar of delight every single morning.” – Yours Truly


RESOURCE OF THE WEEK: These blog postings excerpted from the Book of Awesome, are just plain fun. Add one to your coffee today – guaranteed a low-cal treat.

If you’re in Saskatoon (March 1 evening) or Regina (March 6 evening) and would enjoy a shot of positive enthusiasm, a speaker colleague of mine from Winnipeg, Stephanie Staples, is screening the Happy movie in both cities. Check these links for dets and tix: Saskatoon event  or Regina event.


READERS WRITE: In response to last week’s message, All Clear, two Pause readers (both K & K) wrote:

K1: Your e-news today really hit the ‘button’ for me. I am struggling with so many issues right now and can’t seem to find the release. I tried your button and as I released it so did my tears and a lot of tension. I will use this tool again. Thank you for doing this wonderful work.

K2: Yesterday evening I received news that I had not been accepted to a program, but was put on a waiting list. I was devastated as I had been working toward this for a long while. It wasn’t the final no, but was not the yes I had been hoping for. I had a family birthday party to attend to. So, instead of dissolving into tears, I tried the all clear button. Though the worry and sadness is there, it did indeed help me to hold it together. I will work on my button more, but it is great to know that I don’t have to be a slave to my emotions and worry. Thank you for your newsletter. I truly look forward to it every week!

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  1. Eleanor Biehl

    I don’t have a computer at home yet. I look forward to Wednesday mornings when I get into work to find your newsletter. There are days when your messages hit me right where I need it, and others push me just enough to have my “aha” moment! Thanks so much!

  2. Pat Katz

    Eleanor. Happy to be part of what you look forward to on Wednesday mornings. Thanks for letting me know.Hope you have a very lucky day today!

  3. Marian Erb

    Hi Pat,

    Another great post reminding us of how wonderful life can be when we see it as an adventure. It reminded me of coming to work on the CTrain in Calgary one day. A young boy 3 or 4 years old was travelling with his Dad during rush hour. He appeared to be delighted with the whole experience. We came to a tunnel and he yelled “Hooray a tunnel” and when we came out of it he yelled “Hooray we are out of the tunnel”. He brought a smile to many faces and I often think of him when I enter and leave the tunnels on my journey to work and smile again and remind myself of what fun there is to be had from the simple things in life.

  4. Pat Katz

    So true, Marian. What fun. P

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