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PAUSE – 11.35 – Why Bother? Surveys Say…

The evidence is in, and it’s decisive.

* When employees take part in corporate sponsored fitness programming absenteeism and turnover are reduced.

* Every dollar invested in wellness initiatives creates significant returns through reduced staff turnover, gains in productivity gains and a drop in medical claims.

* Informal breaks cut down on mental strain and increase feelings of well-being. Micro breaks maintain or increase productivity.

Integrating renewing, re-energizing breaks into busy workdays creates major returns on multiple fronts – not just for employee wellness and engagement but also for organizational productivity and profitability.

The business case has been well established over the last decade and continues to grow in strength. I’m attending the National Health Work and Wellness Conference this week in Toronto, and will be sharing more of the most recent findings with you in future messages.

ACTION: So what does this mean for you and your organization? If anyone is still raising their actual or metaphorical eyebrows at the sight of colleagues taking a few minutes break or rest during a high demand work day, it’s time to challenge the source of that resistance and skepticism.

Open the conversation. Share the evidence with those who may not yet be convinced.  (See Resource of the Week link below for a starter set of stats.) Above all, set the tone and influence the pace by actively modeling positive self care in as many ways as possible.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.’ – Mary Ann Radmacher

RESOURCE OF THE WEEK: For  a recap of research that shows how investing in balance and restoring a rhythm of renewal to life and work pay big dividends for individuals and organizations, see ‘What’s The Plus?


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