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PAUSE -10.10- Calm & Curious

Pause button icon-wREFLECTION: Skip the details. Jump to conclusions. Fly off the handle. Shoot from the hip.

Our language frames our lives. Fiery, fast paced phrases and mindsets drive hurried, harried responses. I often wonder – in the midst of the snapping, jumping, and flying – whether we abandon wisdom in the breach.

What might life be like if we substituted calm and curious for fast and furious? A touch wiser, perhaps?

ACTION: Nance Guilmartin, in The Power of Pause, recommends adopting a Curious Not Furious response to life’s challenging experiences.

Try it the next time you’re rushing to react to a situation that’s got you all fired up:

1. Interrupt the rush to react. (Pause)

2. Emotionally disengage from what’s going on. (Suspend reaction)

3. Get curious. Check assumption and ‘facts’. (Suspend judgment)

4. Regain control of the situation and yourself. (Shift to the right gear)

5. Make a more informed choice. (Move ahead)

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Those who jump to conclusions often land in ignorance.” – Author Unknown

RESOURCE OF THE WEEK: Check out Nance Guilmartin’s book, The Power of Pause. Jossey Boss. 2010.

READERS WRITE: In response to last week’s message, “Invisible? Unreachable?”, reader FC writes: Have we forgotten where the off switch is located? It seems the location of that small item is the first thing one should identify before buying a new Techno Gadget. If it does not have one, don’t buy it. Once identified, learn how to use it regularly.

I have learned that life does not end because I did not pick up on a ring or answer an email immediately upon receipt. Voice mail will keep the phone data and email does not go away until one deletes it. These tools are to be used to control when these items are dealt with, not intended for us to be at their every beck and call. How peaceful life becomes when the electronic gadgets are turned off for a period of time. One can listen to the silence.

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