Your Final 49’er Of The Summer

Bird In The Begonias-wWell, all good things come to an end, including the ‘7×7 Summer Sunshine Sizzling Sketchbook Special’.


Here’s number nine (the last) in the series of 49′ers: Bird In The Begonias. That’s an original 7” x 7” watercolor painting – 49 square inches of original art for $49 (plus tax and $10 for shipping).

To make it yours, just send me an email with ‘I’ll Take It’ in the subject line. The first reader to call dibs on each of the nine pieces (one a week) takes it away. Thanks to all the ‘dibbers’ from recent weeks. Good luck this time around!

This is your last chance to pick up an original piece of art at a sizzling summer rate. Enjoy … and may the early bird snag the sketch!

BTW – if another early bird beats you to it, and you’d like your own reproduction OR you’d prefer a print in a larger size, here’s the link to make that happen: Bird In The Begonias. While you’re there, be sure to read the backstory about the image in the Description section of the listing.


You can always check out this and other images on my Fine Art Pauseworks Studio Gallery Website.

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