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Small Moments Matter

It’s a perfect September day for a walk – sunny skies, warm air, beautiful colors. As I round the corner of our house and head down the city walkway in the direction of the river, I meet a duo who are also enjoying the morning.

The young girl (maybe 5 or 6 years old) crouches over a pile of multi colored leaves that have fallen from the maple tree that leans out over the sidewalk. Her mother stands nearby.

We exchange greetings and I say how lovely the leaves look today. The little one tells me she’s searching for a red leaf to give her mother, explaining that red is Mom’s favorite color. I crouch down to lend an eye.

When I ask her about her favorite color, she tells me it’s pink. I locate a faded pink leaf and hand it over saying, “this one’s for you”.

She offers a shy smile of thanks. Then she reaches down and picks up a curling red leaf which she hands my way echoing, “this one’s for you”.

I thank her and tuck it carefully in my jacket pocket. Mom beams with pride. The little one continues her search for the perfect red leaf for Mom.

I carry on my way and wish them both a lovely day. As I walk away, I hear a small voice over my shoulder calling, “You have a lovely day, too!”

Not only did this little one put a leaf in my pocket, she also put a smile in my heart. Small moments matter!

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