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You Can’t Plan Something Like This

So here we were in Pienza, Italy, enjoying the town where Franco Zefferelli decided to film his version of Romeo and Juliette. We’d strolled through the town. We’d soaked up the vistas overlooking the Tuscan countryside. And, we’d just finished a fabulous lunch – Insalata Caprese and Pumpkin Ravioli – served in the warm September glow of an outdoor courtyard ristorante.

As we made our way back up the street, a literal chorus of voices drew is in their direction. And, there, just around the corner in the Cattedrale di Pienza, a choir of some 25 superb voices offered up their version of Ave Maria – four part harmonies echoing from every wall.

Plan what you will, but sometimes the accidental convergence of a fortunate happenstance is dropped right in front of you – yours for the enjoying. And, yes, for the record, it is more than possible to enjoy fine music with tears running down your cheeks.

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  1. Ruth Copeland

    I am TRULY enjoying your trip in Europe. Thank you for staying in touch with us in Canada……….

  2. Rose Brewster

    This brought tears to my eyes. What a fabulous experience to share with your husband on this milestone journey.
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  3. esr

    You are so right Pat. It just doesn’t get any better than this. Thanks for sharing your journey with us…and for the smiling photo of you and Dave. Half of the journey is what you are seeing, the other (and more important)half is who you are with when you are seeing it. Enjoy!

  4. Linda Epstein

    Can’t add to the comments that you are receiving.

    I am enjoying your trip vicariously…Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

    What a way to pause!

  5. alison

    Thanks for the chance to tag along – and bask in the reflected glow!!

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