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Vitor Vitorious!

Over the years, Dave and I have made a practice of connecting with waiters, desk clerks, and other service folks by creating opportunities to share a chuckle and a smile. We love it when others choose to play – and especially when they start the game themselves!

This trip’s hands down winner of the Lighthearted Playful Award is our Emerald Princess room steward, Vitor from Portugal.

We had an inkling that our exchanges were going to be fun on the very first day of the cruise, when I asked Vitor for a new stick pen. The plastic case on ours was cracked, and the nib and refill kept sliding out when I tried to write with it.

Vitor’s response to my request was an expression of mock horror as he proclaimed, “Madam, we have not yet set sail and already you have damaged precious Princess property!”

On handing me three replacement pens, he added sternly, “Don’t come running to me if they don’t work. That’s all I’ve got.”

Our next goofy exchange came the day we almost collided. As we boogied down the ship’s narrow hallway, Vitor zoomed out of a stateroom at full speed. Having narrowly averted a collision, he assured us we would never be in any real danger, because on board ship he drives a finely tuned Porsche with the latest in high performance ceramic brakes!

We have since learned that Vitor is a car aficianado who sometimes refers to his room cart as a Porsche and other times as a Ferrari! This morning, Dave passed Vitor in the crowded hallway. To make room, Vitor attempted to press the button on an imaginary remote control, and indicated he was using the remote to move the cart out of Dave’s way.

The driving theme continues. When we left for dinner one morning without hanging out the ‘All Clear’ tag requesting service, Vitor later told me, tongue in cheek, that he was going to let me get away with just a warning this time. However, he assured me that if I continued to disobey the traffic rules he’d have no choice but to issue me a ticket!

Yes,Vitor takes excellent care of his everyday responsibilities – but it is that playful spirit and the sparkle in his eye that makes the day for those of us he serves. I’m guessing that very same lightheartedness keeps things fun for him as well!

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  1. alison

    makes me want to play, too!! I would love to travel with him!

  2. lizb1979

    We also had Vitor as our room steward on our first cruise ever (wedding/honeymoon) and he was hillarious, stern yet sly with his humor and we loved him! We kept forgetting to put out our room card and he warned us, then explained that it takes about 3 days to train us (those sailing). He provided us with extra pillows, a top sheet, an towels without us requesting them which was awesome! He also joked with another woman down the hall who had a red walker about how she needed to slow down her ferrari. Very cute & funny! He had everyone laughing all the time.

  3. Pat Katz

    Isn’t it amazing how one person’s affable and fun loving approach to life can have such a positive effect on so many people – and lead to such memorable experiences. Blessings on you, Vitor, wherever you are sailing today! 🙂

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