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Travel Tips From Pause Readers

Plane&Globe-wAn earlier Pause e-zine posting invited people to share their travel tips for staying well and healthy on the road. Here are the ideas shared so far by Pause readers. Hope they make your life on the road a bit easier to manage.

Carla T writes: I wanted to share a tip for travelers who are trying to find a healthy balance.  When I am going to be at a conference or meetings for a few days, I try to book a hotel with a kitchenette.  I do the grocery shopping on the first evening and make easy healthy meals instead of eating out at a restaurant every evening.  Most restaurants serve portion sizes 2-3 times larger than what people need and it is harder to find healthier choices at many restaurants.  This prevents me from feeling tired of eating out, having to eat out alone if I am somewhere that I don’t know anyone, and allows me to stick to my healthy eating goals.  I also try to book in at a hotel that has a gym or offers a complementary pass to a gym that is close by.  This helps me to stick to my usual routine as much as possible when I am away.

Laverne B writes: The best way to maintain a healthy balance while travelling is both in preparing well and planning for re-entry into daily life. Before I leave home, I always write up a “To Do When I Return List” then, knowing these things have been duly noted, I put them out of my mind – until I get back.

Jeanne M writes: One thing I thought of as I was reading your suggestions was how important it is for me to find immediately, particularly in a smaller town or city, a couple of restaurants that align with my preferred diet restrictions (low gluten, min deep fried). In Socorro, NM I scoped out two restaurants so that we didn’t just go next door to the greasy spoon because it was convenient and we hadn’t thought of alternatives. I have many cities where I have preferential restaurants that may be a little out of the way but don’t take my diet and health off track. NM favourites- Sante Fe (Harry’s Roadhouse) and Socorro (Socorro Springs).

Maria B writes: I heard from a frequent traveller that she takes those oatmeal packages and runs water through the coffee maker, giving her a quick breakfast.

Cecelia J writes: You could suggest that people take up sketching!!!!

Terri K writes: Here’s another travel suggestion. If you have a short connection, ask the flight attendant, if it’s possible to move to the 1st row (if any seats are available) once the landing gear comes down along with the seat belt indicator announcing that they are in the process of landing. This would allow you to get off the flight ASAP in order to catch your connecting flight. Asking if you can switch seats upon landing also indicates that you are not trying to scam a business class seat if you had not purchased one. Makes a big difference if you are stuck in a row that is further back…even though a lot of us love the emergency exits!!”

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